Looking for photoshop creators for my site intro page.

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
I need people who are great at photoshop to make a two part photo that will click to my site and the other part to the Nintendo Foums.

I would like Link to be on the left and Samus Aran to be on the right. If you want you can make a animated GIF image that visitors can click on.
Lol that's some photoshop work, brotha
I don't have any money to give since I'm on SSDI. But If I like your creation it will be posted on my site. It's hard to find work since I'm disable. I went to a disablity school, when I was younger.
Any dimension will do. If you can make it animated and have mouse over effects. than it will bring more visitors for The New Nintendo Forums and Nintendocosmos. Also it can mean more members for this rad site.

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