Luigi's Mansion 4 Concept/Wishlist


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Dec 11, 2020
-Gooigi should return
-Peach should be gone
-Toads should return
-Cruise Ship
-Element mechanic from the first game should not return
-A Switch similar to the Virtual Boo, Dual Screen or Game Boy Horror
-E. Gadd should be trapped like in the beginning of Luigi's Mansion 3
-No GCN Luigi design (I hate that model compared to every other game in the series including the remake)
-Content that is more unsettling/scary
-The plot has more lore/backstory
-King Boo should have better Boss music
-Instead of dialogue boxes, the characters should have full voice acting like in Breath of the Wild (including Mario and Luigi with Martinet as voice actor)
-Darker plot and dialogue
-Nintendo Switch as platform
-The ghosts can be refought via them being in paintings like in the first game (paintings) and it's remake (rematching and paintings)
-Add Miis for Multiplayer modes
-Next Level Games is STILL developer
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I still need to play the 3rd one! My missus bought it on our Switch and completed the game, but I have never got round to playing it.

Some cool suggestions there @ObieStar I especially like the Mii on multiplayer modes idea.
Yeah! If Super Rush will have Miis, Luigi's Mansion 4 should have them.
Also, I hope you get around to playing it!
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