Luigi's Mansion Games Ranked


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Dec 11, 2020
(I haven't played the arcade game)
4. Luigi's Mansion GCN
Either it's your opinion, or it's just nostalgia. This game has some interesting flaws. First off, the Strolbulb is not in this game. Players that are new to the original game that played any other game in the series will likely hate the controls. The game also has some of the least creative and most repetitive boss fights in the series (Besides the final bosses of each area). At least Vincent van Gore and Madame Clairvoya are somewhat creative, right!? Also, the elements are very bad and not fun to me. Also, Luigi's eyes. They are SO bad. But not everything is bad. The game (in the PAL version) has a hidden mansion! It's the same game, but harder. But that's really it.
3. Luigi's Mansion 3DS
This is much better. The Strolbulb can be enabled in this version! Luigi's eyes are are fixed! And the hidden mansion is available in the JP and NTSC versions! Gooigi was introduced! Boss fight rematches! And even more!
2. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon / Luigi's Mansion 2
This is might be controversial, but the second in my opinion is better then the first and it's remake. Dark Light, Polterpup, less repetitive, cheaper, better King Boo design, better ending, better and more creative boss fights, better designs for ghosts, more creative missions, better multiplayer, Toads are better used in this game, viewing the ghosts you have caught, and so much more!
1. Luigi's Mansion 3
This is the best game in the series by a landslide. Even better multiplayer, even more creative bosses, unique locations, Gooigi is better used, Suction Shot, Slam, Burst, Polterkitty, and even more! However, Peach is filler and one of the credits images makes me mad and kinda haunts me in a way. (The last sentence was edited because I changed my opinion)
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The only game I played was Dark Moon, but I can safely say it was amazing! 😄
Oi, of course! It says you are playing the 3DS XL!

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