Luigi's Mansion


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Aug 5, 2013
Nintendo 64

After years of the normal mario games coming out, Luigi finally got his own game plus a mansion. Did anyone here get this and enjoy it?

I was happy I got this game, it was pretty fun and gave a good ghost busters vibe.

And apologizes if that song is addicting.
You know I always wondered why Nintendo didn't take this character a make a whole slew of games. They did it for Mario, why not Luigi? Maybe he was to similar to Mario and Nintendo didn't want the confusion.

I don't know. The way they like to use mascots I would think they could of exploited him more. Or was it a one and done like Wario?
What would you say, as far as the gameplay, how it compares to the Mario series? I always loved playing the Luigi character all the way back from Mario Brothers 2.
A friend of mine got this as soon as it was released. It was an interesting diversion as far as Nintendo franchises go and it's surprising that this wasn't taken further. I thought that it would be a big enough hit for Nintendo to release sequels on subsequent consoles but that never happened. Perhaps, Luigi doesn't enjoy the level of popularity Mario does by the Nintendo faithful. It's a shame really, hopefully Nintendo will reconsider their stance when they release the NX.
I enjoyed it. I sold it for a different game though when I was little. Bad choice.:(

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