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Jul 9, 2013
Does anyone remember a game that was released a few years back called Madworld? I just picked it up for like 10 dollars at gamestop and I have to say the game is awesome! Basically your character participates in a tv show called Deathwatch and you go around basically killing everyone that tries to kill you. It's a basic beat 'em up game with black and white graphics, except of course for the blood. I had never heard of it until I saw it, and I was really surprised that a game like this was out for the Wii! Does anyone else own it?
I do remember Madworld! Most violent game on the wii. I loved it.
Too much gratuitous blood spilling for my tastes.

I could have sworn there was a sequel to Madworld, but I must be thinking of a different game. Very similar art style though, just can't put my finger on it.
Red steel? Is that what you are thinking of?
Sure. I have Mad World and it was a fun game not least because of the voice actor for your character. Also there is a hilarious twist at the end that's great. Really I'm not too surprised I enjoyed this game since besides humor you also have display some level of skill. Then again the same what? developer/producer/whatever produce Bayonetta and I am in love with that game. So yeah.
This is a game that I'm pretty sure was only made for the Wii. I got it because I thought that it would be pretty cool and it was. Basically it's a more brutal game where you kill people, but the whole game is black and white and when you kill someone then it's red. I thought that it was pretty cool, but it could get pretty boring after awhile. So, has anyone else heard of this game? If so, did you like it?
Yes, I bought MadWorld as soon as it was released. Loved the style of game, just using three primary colors was a masterstroke in aesthetics. It's a beat 'em-up and made by none other than Platinum Games, it simply couldn't be a bad game. The music is excellent too, they used some underground hip-hop tracks which fits the gritty vibe of the game perfectly. The only downside is that the gameplay is a bit repetitive but the same can be said for Final Fight and Streets of Rage.
Wow, how did I miss this game? It looks amazing, I love the black and white style with the red. It looks very "Sin City" to me. Looks like I need to take a trip to my local EB Games and see if I can find it used for cheap!

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