Majora's Mask sucks - here's why


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Sep 25, 2013
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I've always hated Majora's Mask. Never cared for it. It always felt like a cheap, rushed, unfinished, low budget, fan made, poorly made, poorly executed, cash-in knock-off of a game. Didn't feel like a real, fully licensed, Nintendo made game. It felt like because Ocarina of Time was such a masterpiece that they just slapped something together as quick as they could to cash in on the Ocarina of Time hype.

Sure, some things were cool, here and there. But overall, I wasn't impressed. I didn't like a lot of the dungeon layouts. Some stuff just looked ugly. And the main feature of the game... the masks... most of them were absolutely useless. Some had no uses at all, and were just 'filler'. Other's had one specific use and that was it. They only focused on making a few masks useful, and left the vast majority of them to be under utilized. This was one Zelda game that I just couldn't get fully into. I wanted to, and tried. But nope, just didn't like it.

I enjoyed the first 2 Zelda games on the NES. I thought they were great. I didn't have a 'favorite' game back then. As there were tons and tons of games that I liked, so I never picked a favorite. However, when A Link to the Past came out, that immediately became my all time favorite game. And still is to this game. That game was amazing. So yes, I'm highly looking forward to A Link Between Worlds, and already have that, and the gold Zelda 3DS-XL pre-ordered. Following that masterpiece was another great title, in Link's Awakening. I went into it with low expectations, because most Gameboy games that I had played up until then weren't as great as I had hoped. I mainly just liked Tetris and Super Mario Land. Then Metroid 2: Return of Samus came out, and I loved that game. More than the original NES title. So I had hope for the Gameboy Zelda game, but I still kept my expectations low, on purpose. And came away pleasantly surprised. It was far better than I had anticipated. I loved it. ...

Next was Ocarina of Time. Another masterpiece of a game. Just brilliant. So much fun. So, up to this point, Zelda had been on a roll, and became my favorite franchise of all time. And still is, til this day. So, when it was time for Majora's Mask to come out, I was super excited. I couldn't wait. I just had to have it. So, I picked it up immediately when it came out, and, to my horror, came away from it like "what the hell is this shit". Seriously. I was severely disappointed with Majora's Mask. My initial thought was that it was an absolute terrible game. Just terrible. So I put it down and refused to touch it again. For a while, that is. Eventually, the Zelda fan in me made me give it another chance. So I did. I played it again, this time, with a much more open mind. Nope, still didn't like it. Put it down again. Came back to it again a few weeks later, still nope. Again, and again, and again, I just couldn't get into it. I really, really wanted to, because it was Zelda. But I just didn't care for it. Initially, I just thought that it was an awful game with an ok story, that wasn't fully executed well. Eventually, I finally worked through it enough to beat it. But even after I beat it, I wasn't impressed with the game. It's like, Ocarina of Time, and all those before it, were great, and then Majora's Mask just fell flat on it's face.

Over time, I've gone back to it again and again, as I do all Zelda games. I've now beaten Majora's Mask multiple times. However, it's still low on my list. It's ok, and I don't hate it as much as I used to. It does some things well. But overall, I'm not a fan of it. In fact, I like to think that it didn't exist, to be honest. However, everybody keeps bringing it up as their favorite Zelda game, and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why. I mean, the moon thing, and the 3 day time cycle thing was neat. I felt that they had a missed opportunity with the masks, seeing how most of them were pointless or useless all together, other than to get the final mask, making them just filler masks for the sake of having more masks. I get that it was a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, in a sense, however, reusing the same character models, but just changing the colors and names, helped to make the game feel like a cheap knockoff fan project, and not a real, official, game. Some of the dungeons were poorly designed, and some places were just ugly. Like, the first area with the monkeys, just looked awful. The layout, the color palette, etc.. Originally, the save feature was broken. Tho they've later fixed that. But it was terrible at first, and that was my experience with the game. Also, I also wasn't a fan of the main feature of the game either. The whole turning into different characters via the masks. It felt like a spinoff title, and not a real main game. I mean, I get that they were going for variety, and what not, which by itself is cool and all. But I'm not a fan of Link changing shapes into other characters. Same with Twilight Princess, I hated going into Wolf-Link form. I was not a fan of that at all. That game felt more like a 'cookie-cutter' Zelda game. Like, they played it safe, and went for a 'basic' gameplay and story on a 'grander scale'. Like, it was a 'paint by the numbers' kind of affair. Very formulamatic. Otherwise, it was a decent game. It's not my favorite Zelda game, and even tho it was a 'formula' game, I still prefered it over Majora's Mask.

In fact, Majora's Mask isn't even in my Top 10 favorite Zelda games. Seriously. It's not the 'worst' Zelda game, as those are reserved for the 3 CD-i games. Also, I haven't played all of the handheld Zelda games enough to form an opinion on them. Link's Awakening is the only Zelda handheld game that I've fully played, and I loved it. I haven't put much, if any, time into the other titles. So I still need to give those a chance when I can. But I've played all of the console games.

However, like I said, I'm not a fan of Majora's Mask. I've beaten it several times, and do like some things, here and there. But overall, I like to think that it doesn't exist, to be honest.
Okay... I have to say this is a very incoherent rant. I'm actually a bit surprised as while you can ramble when posting, you generally bring more to the party as it were than this. That said - I love Majora's Mask. My thing about games is more often than not I want to explore and that's what Majora gave me - along with a time limit which is awesome. I also like most of the environments and puzzles in the game. Probably the best part of the game is that it is more of a horror game than fantasy or simple RPG. That said I can understand why you dislike it... even if your rant just wasn't very focused.
This topic has now made the first page of Google for 'majora's mask sucks' as predicted. :)

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I just think that Ocarina of Time spoiled us all. With a vast world to explore, no time restrictions and the most visually appealing game our generation had seen. Pair that with huge dungeons, a bunch of explorable areas and secrets for days and I can see how Majora's Mask couldn't quite live up to the hype. That being said, I feel the were both similar, both visually and game play wise, but the world seemed very generic in you had a few directions to go and knew exactly what you were getting into. However the true bonus of Majora's Mask was the complexity and size of the dungeons and that really excited me. After playing Ocarina of Time, I just couldn't originally get into Majora's Mask. About 10 years later, I bought a WII and downloaded it. Needless to say, I was so mad at myself for never giving it a true chance. I owned the game for a long time as a teenager, but never played it but for 10 minutes because it seemed like they tried too hard and the concept wasn't easy to get behind. Prior to this we were used to just roaming the world at will. When I got it for WII, I took the time to understand what I didn't make time for when I was younger and I'm glad I did, because this game, while slow starting out, was a great game with a lot of new features and the same Ocarina of Time feel.

I think the problem people have with the game are exaclty what I explained. It seems like so much at first, you're learning a new concept, you're not understanding exactly how the game works and it's very easy to get lost within the city at the beginning because you truly have no idea where to go. BUT once you figure it all out, you unlock a great experience and easily one of the better Zelda games you're ever going to play
I think Majora's Mask is the best game in the series, even better than Ocarina of Time. MM is more mature and dark. The whole idea of the end of the world is terrifying. It is not the most difficult game but the story is amazing and touching.
I don't think it's the worst but it's certainly one of the more challenging games because of the time limit and such. Without it though it would have been ocarina of time all over again in most ways so it needed something to shake things up and get you going.
at first i hated it. i didn't understand it. so i stopped, ordered a strategy guide and slowed down. after that i appreciated it a lot more. it's more of a social kind of game. i got more out of it when i invested in the surrounding characters. i loved it after that. like all good games, i got emotionally attached. i would revisit it if it gets a 3DS treatment
I never really played MM personally either. Confusing is a good way to describe that game. When it came out, I was really excited, but it turned out to be a big let down. I'm not even sure if I still have it.
NintendoCosmos said:
What is more worst Majora's Mask? Or The Zelda CDi games?
Unless we're willing to count the CDi games, then I'd say Zelda II: Adventure of Link due to how punishing the game is.
rocketracoon does have a point. Zelda 2 is one of the worst in the series. I have never playd the CDi games, but it looks like they suck; based on how the game was described to me at least. This; of course, might not be true.
...Dude not cool - I do not want to be the apparent OP for a thread about how Majora's Mask sucks... and not just because I love that game.
It's one thing to say that Majora's Mask didn't resonant with you, that you just didn't care for it, that it wasn't your cup-of-tea, etc. All of that is a matter of subjective taste, to which the response would be a simple "fair enough." Personally, I love Majora's Mask even more than Ocarina of Time (which I also love)--but to each their own.

However, sentiments deriding Majora's Mask as a "cheap, rushed, unfinished, low budget, fan made, poorly made, poorly executed, cash-in knock-off of a game" are strong, objective statements that are as such open to debate and must be backed by clear, hard facts. Such statements are really doing a disservice to the game's developers, who as far as I'm aware didn't unprofessionally rush out this game unfinished on the cheap. Majora's Mask is be no means the Atari 2600's Pac-Man port or E.T. game, which were objectively and definitely poorly executed and rushed out on the cheap.

It's actually debatable (and subjective) as to whether Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time had the better story, and I think that Majora's Mask was actually a bit of an improvement in certain areas: the world outside of the dungeons had a better density of opponents, and the masks offered a more varied game play than most Zelda games. I would hardly denigrate any of those aspects of the game as being "poorly executed" or "rushed."

I personally can't think of any specific elements of Majora's Mask worthy of such labels. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are there any rushed and/or unfinished elements in the game, comparable to Final Fantasy VII's abandoned plans to resurrect Aeris or have the collectable soldier dolls serve some purpose?
It took me a REALLY long time to understand how Majora's Mask worked. The moon would come crashing down over and over again and I kept thinking "WTF?!?!?"

It wasn't until I watched a friend progress through the game a bit that I really saw some redeeming qualities about the game. It's still one of my least favorite Zelda games though.
I didn't really like this game as well I found that it was really difficult for me to play and I kept on getting confused in the game. I really liked the Ocarina of time and that was one Zelda game that I spent a lot of time playing.