Man collects all 1,262 Wii games


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Sep 19, 2012
Aaron Norton, who goes by Nintendo Twizer, has collected 1,262 Wii games, which includes every single original game released in North America. His games are stored on shelves that are 8 feet wide and 9 feet tall.

Insert joke about Wii shovelware here. I think he would have been better off collecting the Japanese Wii releases. :D

Source: Guy completes entire Wii library, and it's massive
I'd like to ask the man some questions if he has played all the games, such as, what Wii game is your favorite?
Seems like a poor use of time and money to me, but I guess someone had to do it.
Well. There goes my chance trying to get all the Wii games. I only have 352.
To be fair, I'd expect at least half to be shit-tier games like Ninjabreadman
There just games. And they are fun to play and collect. Besides at least there are more fun to play then a stick & a hoop on a dirt road.
I move a lot. I like my hobbies to be portable. Thus, every single game I own is digital.
That's sound amazing. I think it took more time to play them all then merely collecting them