Maplestory DS Review

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)
Hey guys, it is Jack here and I got back from Korea. And I finally got my hands on the Maplestory DS game which was extremely hard to find because the goddamn market doesn't care about DS games anymore in Korea. Literally, I had to search every store to find it, why couldn't you just make the DS games available now like in the US, Korea? But as soon as I played the game, I was not surprised that the result would be mediocre as Maplestory DS is literally just a watered down version of it's PC mmo counterpart.

For the presentation, it is passable as the graphics are decent and the visuals can sometimes stand out. Also, this game features 3d cutscenes that are pretty well-made for the DS. But the audio in the game is just a squashed version from the original PC counterpart and it sounds like complete ass.

For the gameplay, it feels very shallow as there is no way to interact with other people online and that pretty much makes the experience a bit disappointing. Also, there is no way to modify your character, you are stuck with that character and you unlock new ones.

Also, it literally is the same as the original maplestory as it is just THE SAME F##KING MEAT GRINDING. Except this time, the grinding is not even fun since you level up extremely fast and you heal incredibly quick, making this game inexplicably easy. It's very easy to gain exp fast and the way you can do that is just by exiting a map and reentering it, causing all the monsters to respawn, thus this game is not even fun to play. I WANT SOME CHALLENGE IN THE GAME! WHY IS THERE NO OBSTACLE TO STOP ME?! Look, if you want to make a game easy, fine, but atleast make it fun. Look at Kirby, the games are very easy to play, yet they are fun and almost no moment seems to bore me.

[Jack]: (Beats the game) Yeah! I finally beat the whole game! (Looks at clock and sees only 4 hours passed) Th-that's it? THAT'S F##KING IT?!

Since this game is so easy, this game also tends to be incredibly short as well. This is even shorter than Mighty Switch Force, a game that's supposed to be short! Since you are already at a high level, there is little to no reason to go back to the game after you beat it since you can just rape monsters until you reach the max level, which is by immense grinding.

On the gamescale, I put this game on meh. This is a game I can only recommend to people who have nothing to do in their time, keywords: NOTHING TO DO IN THEIR TIME. It's not unplayable or broken, it is just not very interesting to play since as I said, this is a watered down version of the PC version.

Also, Maplestory now made a new 3ds game, called Maplestory: The Girl's Fate, which I also got my hands on. I haven't finished it yet, but stay tuned for Maplestory 3DS: The Girl's Fate.

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