Maplestory Review

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)
Hey guys, I am Jack here and let's review a very popular korean MMO called Maplestory. I have played it since I was 12. I used to think it was good until I started to see how many flaws this game has. So let's dive into it.

In this game, it is a sidescrolling platform ARPG game, which is quite unique for it's time. Also the graphics look very crisp and it looks as if this game would be a homage to retro games.

[Jack]: Alright! Let's do a storyline quest, this should be fun!
(Quest: Kill 300 monsters)
[Jack]: Sorry, (Puts on reading glasses) Ok, maybe the next quest in the storyline will be not so tedious.

(8 minutes later)

[Jack]: Alright, after such tedious work, let's see what is the next quest.
(Quest: Obtain 100 Feathers)
[Jack]: .......Jesus Christ, I am just speechless...

That is pretty much one of the main flaws of Maplestory, most of the quests make you do ridiculous amounts of grinding that kills the fun. Also, even if you do complete the quests, the rewards are.... not so rewarding.

Also, let's talk about the jump physics here. They are just weird, but this is an rpg I guess, platforming is not that big of a deal. But it is a big deal when you are in sections of the game called Jumpquests. Jumpquests are pure platforming sections that is if you mess up, then you start back over again. But the physics are just so off and wonky that you will just start over again and again. It is just pure frustration.

Also, let's talk about the free market, a place where you can sell your items to other characters.

[Jack]: Alright, let's see what is at the Market today.
(Enters Free Market and the framerate drops drastically)
Wow, I don't know if I can let that slide.

In free market, it lags incredibly hard and it is up to the point where I almost cannot go inside the portal.
And for the prices, they are ridiculously high, from the players here who are just greedy bastards.

Also, let's talk about another problem, travelling. It takes about 10 minutes to wait for a flight to get you onto the next island, which takes another 5 minutes. I have to ask... WHY?! Why do I have to wait 10 minutes just to get to the other side of the continent?! The easiest way to travel is with a teleport rock, which costs money since this is a free to play game.

When my game started to bug out so hard, I was petrified since the event will be missed out. I tried to call the tech support, they wouldn't respond and all they just say every week is "We haven't looked at your ticket".

[Jack]: A+, 5 stars, It can't get enough stars! Best Tech ever! (Not)

Also, the plot is sometimes boring and it doesn't go up to my standards. The writing for the occasional jokes are atrocious.
[Character]: Help you with what? I am not moving any couches.
[Jack]: (Facepalms) Script level: 0

Let's talk about the monsters. They look decently designed but sometimes, Nexon just doesn't put any effort and just reuse the same sprite for a different monster. Even if the monster was meant to be different, it is just edited slightly, which takes laziness to the next level.

You see here, all they did was just add a mask to the monster, they didn't even try there XD.

But let's talk about the classes, I like the concept of split branches and many different classes to choose from.

Overall, I give Maplestory a 4.6/10. Bad tech support, large amounts of lag, infuriating physics, and heavy grinding cannot make up for the crisp anime graphics and the sometimes fitting soundtrack. Maplestory by no means is a bad game. I suggest for those who are curious about playing this game to approach with caution since you are going to get bored of it really quickly.

Well, that doesn't stop many people from being addicted to this game. But Maplestory was so popular, that it got it's own DS game exclusively in South Korea. I would like to review this, but I am going to go back to South Korea to revisit my cousins and maybe I can buy this game to review over. Stay tuned for Maplestory DS review