Mario 64 speedruns


Feb 20, 2013
Is anyone here actually a fan of this challenge?
I am aware that the current record is held by Siglemic that passed the game in exactly 1 hour, 46 minutes and 21 seconds.
I thought FunilaSM64 held the Super Mario 64 record with something under 7 minutes.
I've never bothered with it as an actual challenge, but I have tried to speed my way through as best as I could. I think my best time would have had to have been 7 hours and 45 minutes to get all the stars and kick Bowser's stupid behind for the 18th time. I wonder if I could do better now? Maybe I'll get out the old system and see.
I'm way too slow at playing video games to ever attempt a speed run. There are a few games that I know pretty well, but I like to look at everything, hear all the dialogue and collect all the collectibles. That being said, I do watch speed runs on YouTube once in a while, and it's pretty crazy how fast they can go!
I love looking at speed runs on YouTube too! I feel that I'm fairly good at some games, and especially certain part of games (I can do the mine cart level in Donkey Kong Country flawlessly, picking up every single collectible in one shot) but I'm nowhere near the level of a lot of these people on YouTube. I can only imagine the amount of hours they've played...

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