Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move


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Sep 25, 2013
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Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

Release Date: May 9, 2013

Developer / Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: 3DS eShop Exclusive

Price: $9.99


If you love puzzle games, or trying to figure things out, then this game is for you. The price is definitely worth it.

This game is broken up into 4 main sections. "Main Game", "Mini Games", "Create & Share", and "Toy Collection".

Main Game

The Main Game section has been broken down into 4 more sections. Consisting of "Mario's Main Event", "Puzzle Palace", "Many Mini Mayhem", and "Giant Jungle".

Mario's Main Event - This mode is like a Tetris style mode. The puzzle is laid out before you, however, you'll be given random pieces that fall into your warp pipe. The pieces come at regular intervals, and won't stop until either you win, or lose. You win the puzzle buy placing the given pieces into the puzzle, and guiding Mario to the Gold Star, while picking up the 3 medallions along the way. However, the constant flow of pieces will keep piling up in the warp pipe. If your warp pipe fills up, and overflows, you lose. So don't let the pipe overflow, but be smart where you put the pieces on the board. You don't want to accidentally block your path your head into a dead end, which could also cause you to lose. Also, the farther you get, the more and more obstacles they introduce into your way for you to try and figure out.

There are 60 levels by default in this mode. However, once you beat all 60 levels, then you unlock 10 more "expert" levels in this mode. Making a total of 70 levels in "Mario's Main Event". Also, you get one Gold Star for every level that you complete with all 3 Medallions. Bringing your Gold Star total to 70.

Puzzle Palace - This mode is, so far, my favorite. Unlike Mario's Main Event, there is no time limit in this mode. Also, you don't have to wait for random pieces to fall in order to pick your path. You get all of the pieces that you'll need from the get go. So, having all of the pieces, and no time limit, and all of the obstacles already present, you are able to take your time, and try to figure out the puzzle, and how to get Mario from the beginning to end, while collecting the 3 medallions. The puzzles can be harder, and take longer to figure out. Think of this mode as the "simulaton" mode, to the "arcade" style of Mario's Main Event.

By default, there are 60 levels in this mode as well. However, once you beat all 60 puzzles, you then unlock 10 more "expert" bonus levels. Making the total now 70 puzzles. However, once more, if you beat all 70 puzzles, then you unlock 10 more bonus "expert" puzzles. Making a grand total of 80 puzzles in this mode. And a total of 150 puzzles, when combined with Mario's Main Game mode. Also, you get one Gold Star for every level that you complete with all 3 Medallions. So this brings your Gold Star total to 150 Gold stars

Many Mini Mayhem - This mode different than both of the previous modes. In this mode, there are no pieces to place. All of the pieces are already placed on the board for you. However, this time, you have multiple mini's on the puzzle board at the same time. So you have to hit the switches to change the direction of the paths, or, slide the existing puzzles pieces over around the board, for all of your minis to simultaneously navigate the puzzle. All while avoiding the traps and obstacles. And, the timer has been brought back, so you have a limited amount of time to figure out the best way to maneuver all of your minis on the bard at the same time, to go through the course, collect all of the medallions, and then make it to the end of the puzzle. All without running into dead ends or traps, or each other.

There are 50 puzzles in this mode. However, there are no bonus "expert" levels to unlock in this mode. So 50 is all you get. However, added with the 150 from the previous modes, and that's a total of 200 puzzles. Also, you get one Gold Star for every level that you complete while getting all 3 Medallions. Bringing your Gold Star total to 200.

Giant Jungle - This mode is, as it's name implies, "Giant". I mean, this puzzle is literally 4x to 5x bigger than any of the previous puzzles in any of the other modes. Gameplay wise, it's the exact same as Mario's Main Event. The differences, besides being on a much, much, bigger scale, is that, instead of trying to collect 3 medallions, you are now trying to collect 10 Gold Stars. Also, time is of the essence. There is an abundance of "extra time" clocks out there, that each add 20 seconds to your remaining time. And there's got to be like 10 minutes worth of time clocks spread out throughout the level. And you'll need them, as you'll usually be just about to run out of time by the time you get to the next one. However, the pieces, much like Mario's Main Event, are completely random. So designing a path in the direction that you want to go can be both time consuming, and challenging. However, since the map is so big, you could also plan out multiple paths, so that you aren't waiting on a single piece, that may or may not come.

Because these levels are so huge, there are only 3 levels. But they aren't easy. So, that brings the total number of levels to 203, for the "Main Game". However, all 3 levels contain 10 Gold Stars. So, by collecting all 10 Gold Stars in all 3 levels, that brings your Gold Star total up to 230. There are a grand total of 230 Gold Stars to collect in the game.


Mini Games

There are several mini game categories in this mode, which include "Mini Target Smash", "Fly Guy Grab", "Cube Crash", and "Elevation Station". All Mini Games are unlocked by the Gold Stars that you collect through the Main Game. Remember, there are 230 total Gold Stars to collect in this game.

Mini Target Smash - There are 3 levels to this game. Each level works basically the same. You have a catapult, and different tokens come across the screen. Each token type is worth a different amount. However, only one token type will actually subtract points from your score. So you have to watch out for that one. There is a time limit, so you just keep using the catapult to fling Mini Mario at the flying tokens in the sky, and try to get as many points as you can before times runs out. The object is to try and score the highest amount of points.

To unlock Level 1 of this game, you need to collect 10 Gold Stars.
To unlock Level 2 of this game, you need to collect 40 Gold Stars.
To unlock Level 3 of this game, you need to collect 80 Gold Stars.

Fly Guy Grab - This game is much like Mini Target Smash. It's the same set up, only slightly different mechanics. See, you still have a catapult. However, this time, instead of trying to "break" the items in the sky with Mini Mario, instead, you have to "fling" a grappling hook with the catapult, and "catch" the Fly Guy's floating in the sky. Then, once you 'grab' them, then you have to reel them in, as if you are fishing... in the sky. Different colored Fly Guy's are worth a different number of points. The opject is to try and score the highest amount of points.

To unlock Level 1 of this game, you need to collect 10 Gold Stars.
To unlock Level 2 of this game, you need to collect 40 Gold Stars.
To unlock Level 3 of this game, you need to collect 80 Gold Stars.

Cube Crash - This game has not only different levels, but also, different variants. In "Cube Crash 1", the object is to try and destroy a specific shape, that's made out of mini cubes. Level 1, the shape is that of a cube. Level 2 has the shape of a diamond, with unbreakable metal blocks inside. Level 3 is also a diamond, but with more metal blocks. "Cube Crash 2", on the other hand, is slightly different. It also has 3 levels. However, this time, instead of trying to take down one shape, you keep going until the timer runs out. So, when you take out a shape, another appears, and you just keep destroying as much as you can, until time runs out. Level 1 gives you 80 seconds. Level 2 gives you 90 seconds. And Level 3 gives you 130 seconds. Also, the higher the level, the bigger the shapes. In both games, you use the same catapult as before to try and destroy these shapes.

In both games, Level 1 is unlocked by default
In both games, Level 2 is unlocked by default
In both games, Level 3 is unlocked by collecting 80 Stars.

Elevation Station - This mini game doesn't use the catapult in any way, shape, or form. So that's good. Instead, this game has Mario standing on a platform, with a "wheel" at the bottom. You can turn the wheel clockwise or counter-clockwise. Doing so will either raise or lower the platform that Mario is standing on. Now, during the game, coins will go flying across the screen in either direction. Your job is to raise and lower the platform so that Mario can try and catch each coin as it comes floating by. Notice that Mario can not move. He's completely stationary. Can't even jump. So he's completely relying on your wheel turning skills to guide him. Especially when you consider that there are Bullet Bills and Fly Guys also flying around, and hitting those will end your game. There are 3 levels of this game too, and each level is longer, with more coins to collect, and more dangers.

To unlock Level 1 of this game, you have to collect 10 Gold Stars.
To unlock Level 2 of this game, you have to collect 40 Gold Stars.
To Unlock Level 3 of this game, you have to collect 80 Gold Stars.

Create & Share

This mode is exactly what you'd expect it to be. You get to make your own custom puzzles, save them, and then share them with your friends. Which completely up's the replay value of this game. Especially if you have friends who also love playing this game.

Also, I figured that this would be a good section to name all of the Playable characters in the game. The playable characters are...

Mini Mario - Unlocked by default
Mini Peach - Unlocked by unlocking Puzzle Palace
Mini Toad - Unlocked by unlocking Many Mini Mayhem
Mini Donkey Kong - Unlocked by unlocking Giant Jungle
Mini Pauline - Unlocked by playing all of the Mini Games at least once.

Once you unlock these characters, then you can, at any time, go and switch your character to that character, and play any of the unlocked modes with that character. All characters work the exact same tho. It's just a "cosmetic" difference. Like most games.

However, along with playable characters, there are also "obstacle" enemies as well. Characters that get in your way, or help you along the way. Those characters include...

Mini Shy Guys - These guys hurt Mario, and end the puzzle when Mario touches them. However, you can get the hammers, from the original Donkey Kong game, and the original music will play, and those can destroy these guys.
Catapult Kongs - These guys won't hurt Mario physically. However, they will toss Mario a couple of squares away. That could either help Mario move along the puzzle. Or, it could send Mario into a danger zone, or possibly end his game. So, you plan out wisely whether to avoid these are to run into him. As he will automatically grab you and throw you, when you reach him.
Capture Kongs - These guys try to capture your Mini's, to try and prevent them from completing the puzzle. So avoid these guys as much as possible. They will move around the puzzle board, so keep an eye on them at all times when they appear.
Mini Fly Guys - Only in the Mini Games, where you try to capture them with the grappling hook, or smashing their floating tokens with the catapult, as well as the moving platform mini game, where they are "One Hit Kills" characters..
Bullet Bills - Only in the Mine Game with the moving platform. "One Hit Kills" character.


Toy Collection

This section is just to see what "toys" you have collected. Basically, it's just the 3D models of all of the characters in the game. Here's the list of character toys that you can get, and how to unlock them...

Mini Mario - Unlocked by default
Mini Peach - Unlocked by collecting 20 Gold Stars
Mini Toad - Unlocked by collecting 30 Gold Stars
Mini Donkey Kong - Unlocked by collecting 50 Gold Stars
Red Mini Shy Guy - Unlocked by collecting 60 Gold Stars
Capture Kong - Unlocked by collecting 70 Gold Stars
Green Mini Fly Guy - Unlocked by collecting 90 Gold Stars
Catapult Kong - Unlocked by collecting 100 Gold Stars
Blue Mini Fly Guy - Unlocked by collecting 120 Gold Stars
Mini Pauline - Unlocked by collecting 150 Gold Stars
Gold Mini Fly Guy - Unlocked by collecting 200 Gold Stars
Gold Mini Mario - Unlocked by collecting ALL 230 Gold Stars


So, for $10, it's well worth it. You get a total of 203 main games, with 230 Gold Stars to collect. Plus, there are (technically) 5 mini-games, with 3 difficulty levels each. 4 extra characters to unlock, for a total of 5 playable characters. And 12 different "toys" to collect. Plus, you get to create, share, and play, an unlimited amount of custom puzzles, made by you, and your friends. Or people who you share it with online. Some puzzles will take a couple of minutes to about 10 minutes to beat. Some even longer, depending on how long it takes you to figure it out. Others can take you much longer.

This game is one of the few 3DS eShop games that I have ever purchased, however, it was well, well worth it. Especially if you are a puzzle fan, like I am. So, as far as 3DS eShop games go, I highly recommend this one. Give it a try.
I think this looks really cute though I am not a HUGE fan of anything like tetris, do you think I would still like this game?
I didn't even know this existed :huh:

Seems like a fun game :)
I like puzzles and I like Mario games, so this should be something for me :D

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