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Mr. Blue

Feb 28, 2013
Anybody here own MK64? I've had it since the very first day I got my N64, this name bings a lot of memories for me. The thing I liked about this game was that there were no fancy moves or anything that made people better. Everyone was mostly in the same boat, (depending on the size of your charcater) but it was a staright up race game. Who knew how to use their items correctly and who didn't. There are those who knew how to drive and steer correctly as well. The biggest downside was only two players at max could race in a Grand Prix. other than that it was a great game. Any other fans?
Mario Kart 64 has set the standard for an entire genre, kart-racing. It is still one of the best games in its genre even to day. It was the perfect balance between fun and fair, I spent countless amounts of hours playing vs my brother.
I play it from time to time. It was one of the first games I got for the N64, and, in my opinion, one of the best. I also have Mario Kart for the Gamecube, Wii, and DS (you can tell I'm a bit of a fan!) but the one for the N64 will always be a classic and a favorite.
It set a standart not only for car racing, but many other racers in the genre with superpowers and attacks etc.
I've spent many many hours playing it as a kid, with my friends ^^
Also who was your favorite driver? I always picked Wario!
This game was the beginning of a great deal of childish rivalries, I'm sure. Those blue shells, man, those blue shells... Honestly though, it was an amazing game then, and remains an amazing game now. Nostalgia settles in each and every time I put in back in the N64.
I rather disliked the single player portion of this game. I found blue shells to be kind of a cheap addition to the game. The whole point of racing is to perform well on the track and reap the rewards in your placement. Randomly getting knocked out of first place because some AI hit the lottery (and we know from hacking the rom that it was in fact severly weighted against the player to the point it was pretty much sanctioned cheating) is not an acceptable way to increase challenge. This was also the title that really cemented the lousy mechanic whereby an AI character will suddenly get the ability to travel faster than anything the player is capable of without a cheating device simply to bridge an honestly earned gap. Again, this is a cheap, poorly executed method to create "challenge". You never knew in this game whether you lost because your perfomance was poor or if it was because of cheap AI.

The multiplayer mode was a blast though. Easily my favorite title in terms of battle mode. My friends and I spent many hours laughing and cussing in the multi tiered stage with all the ramps.
Mario Kart is one of the best Nintendo game series ever, and definetely the one for the N64 was and still is, the best one. Because just as a user above said, it was much more simple than the newer ones, you had to develop certain skills to play it, but basic skills. Nowadays (and I'm aiming to the Wii version) it got fancier and it someways worse, the maps for instance have an ugly and annoying art style that stress your sight to the point that you get tired of playing after a short while.
I was pro in Mario Kart 64. I played it so much that I know the secret path and shortcut to the game my favorite map would be the Rainbow Road is the fun map to play. I always jump off the edge at the beginning to get ahead (shortcut) and win from there lol.
I loved everything about MK64 :D

I still play it with friends from time to time!
It was my favorite game when it came out, and I've spent who-knows how many hours playing!!!
Mario Kart is an incredible game, perhaps the best for the Nintendo 64. I have fond (and horrible) memories of playing the multi-player version of Mario Kart with my friends in college (1999-2003). Along with Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart caused me several low grades but provided hours of fun!

I also remember this YouTube clip of a man in France driving on real roads as Mario. Take a look and enjoy!

I don't think you'll find a better kart racing game then Mario Kart 64. It was revolutionary for the time but still remains incredibly fun to this very day. I also bought my copy on day one and will never part with it. It's always fun to have a couple of friends over and play it in multiplayer. I've noticed that people don't even care about the low-resolution textures, the game is so entertaining that graphics don't matter.
I second Damien Lee's post. I can't find anything better than the original because there are so many copies out there. And even if they aren't trying to copy Mario Kart 64, they still remind you of the game in some way or fashion. One of the racing greatest video games ever made... hands down. In my opinion, it's the greatest kart racing game of all time.
True classic, groundbreaking title and so much fun. Just take your kart, catch some power-ups and destroy your enemies. The one player mode was great and long, but this game shines at multi player. This was the game that got all the kids coming around my house when I was little, which made me very popular lol. We would have hours and hours of fun, especially in battle mode!

The biggest testament to the quality of this game is that it still holds up well, and is one of the very few N64 games I've continued to play years and years later.
Great game with one minor annoyance if I remember right...

Aftef falling off the track and being put back on, holding down gas too soon made you spin for a few seconds. I didn't like that. No one wants a double penalty!

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