Mario Kart 8 DLC


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
so i tried out the Mercedes Karts today and it's really cool to have some new content on a very fun, very polished game. the 3 karts take a little getting used to, but with a little practice they are rewarding.

the new characters and courses will start coming out in Nov, but if we pay now we get new colors for our Yoshi and Shy Guys. 16 new courses, a few new cars, and characters all for 11.99$ (US.) i was really expecting to pay a good bit more, due to how much they charged for Mario Golf's DLC. this is a great value

who else has been waiting for Link to hit the karts?
Even though I love Nintendo, I promised myself never to buy a DLC in my life.

DLC is theft!
If you're selling me a game, sell me the complete game, and not swiss cheese, waiting for the holes to be filled in.
I am not against expansions, but I hate DLCs!
i understand, but just hear me out. i'll make another post, and am interested to hear your take on things

see "the argument for DLC"
I think that same thing sometimes but I just think that DLC's just adds to the game. I really think that the developers make these just so that they can be able to add things to the game after they have gotten feedback from the marketplace. The way that I look at it is they are just making the game better for us.
I think that the dlc they should add is more characters. It is what people have been asking for so it would please the masses.
just watched a video on the upcoming update, Baby Park returns and it was played in the new 200cc speed class. Awesome! i noticed the love and detail that was put into the background of the track. Thats a theme park id love to visit.

The driver had an awesome car with a cool Pacman helmet. must be some new amiibo support