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Mar 25, 2016
Mario Kart 8:

This seems to be the biggest Mario Kart of any Mario Kart game, when you factor in the DLC, in terms of content... and the graphics are well-done. Still, I don't feel the fun-factor is quite as there as the game Mario Kart: Double Dash.

There are many small things I would change about this game. For example, I wish when you did a big powerslide, the reward was a much longer boost than what it is. Much like Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed's boost.

Regardless, expecting the fun factor to be better than a classic like Double Dash is a very tall order. Mario Kart 8 is good, solid fun for the whole family!

This game is close to perfect, but it isn't quite there. It's like if you picked your two favorites cakes, both of which are scrumptious. However, Mario Kart 8 is more like the second cake you picked, instead of the first.

Also, I feel like you shouldn't have to pay more for the DLC. Would feel like a better purchase if they just charged $60 and be done. But again, we start going back to the first scenario, where this is such a fine game, it becomes water under the bridge.

+Decent fun factor
+Amount of content
-Still a little plain around the edges
-Tracks feel a bit too wide, to the extent of taking away rather than adding


Despite my criticisms, I stand by a 9.2 rating out of 10.
Nice review. We should create a few more threads like this! Might post one in the future.

I think I'll share mine as well!

Mario Kart 8: 96/100

To get the overall rating for this game, I created 7 criteria where I'll give a rating for each. I'll get the average their rating to get an overall final rating. I also give weights for each criteria. Ok here goes.

Starting from the most important to the least important:

1.) Gameplay (Weight: 40%): The most important aspect of a game for me is gameplay. That's why I gave it a 40% weight. How good are the controls? How reponsive are the controls? Do the mechanics give rewards or bonuses for more skilled players? The gameplay of Mario Kart allows for greater use of skills, where you just don't continually press A or mash buttons to win. There are a lot of factors to get faster in this game. You collect coins to get faster, you take shortcuts, you can drift and get a boost, you can get some items which boost your speed and lot more. It can get really fun and competitive. It's also incredibly well balanced. The Kart customization options allows for better use of speed and control. The controls are true to your stats.

Physics are really good, there are interactive objects spread throughout the map. Some even change the track field (Ex: Bowser's Castle) when you get to the last lap! Overall, there are a lot of things to learn in Mario Kart 8, if you haven't played any other Mario Kart game before.

2.) Multiplayer (Weight: 20%): It's not supposed to be in second place, but since this is a racing game, the multiplayer aspect is very important. There is no exclusive mode for multiplayer, as they all can be played with single player. However, the fun factor and balance are the most important aspects here. Playing this with your friends is an absolute joy, especially if you play locally on a single screen. There's just too much going on. Item balance is the only issue I can think of here. It's still not perfect, but is incredible well-balanced. I don't think it can be perfected, but it's best to stay that way.

3.) Single Player (Weight: 10%): Mario Kart 8 is supposed to be played with friends. But there will be times where you'll play it alone. Mario Kart 8 only has one exclusive mode for single player. Time Attack. You'll be able to download Ghost Data from other players by downloading them through the Internet. This is a good mode if you want to practice your drifting lines without getting any distractions.

The AI, however, hasn't still improved, in fact it got worse. Rubberbanding is the most common problem of racing games AI. It has been present ever since. In Mario Kart 8, the rubberbanding of the AI in 150cc is so bad that the faster you are, the more difficult it gets for you to beat them.

4.) Graphics (Weight: 10%): Mario Kart 8 is absolutely beautiful. The details of the Karts, the tracks, characters, special effects, are unbelievable well polished up to the smallest details. I have nothing to say.

5.) Replay (Weight: 10%): With 8 cups and 32 maps, this game has good replay value. If you get the DLC you get additional 4 cups and 16 maps and you're in for hundreds of hours of play. However, if you're not playing competitively, then you might finish them all in a few days or weeks, and could be left desiring for more.

6.) Online (Weight: 5%): We didn't experience intermittent lag that much when playing. You can play with another friend locally (on a single Wii U) as you go online and find other players. You don't have to wait long to get a race, and you'll be pitted against racers at the same level as yours.

7.) Personal Preference (Weight: 5%): Overall, I love this game, my friends love this game and we can play for several hours straight and still won't get enough of it.
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