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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
ok, so i gave it a week and still no one started a new MK8 thread. I assume it's because we're all too busy playing it!

first impressions: very clear, very smooth, of course very fun. it really reminds me of the Mario Kart Arcade cabinet game. it's very arcadey, in a good way.

i could probably complain about the baby characters, but never mind. it's too cool

i haven't really got deep into it yet, but if you really want to experience the love and craftsmanship they put into this game, watch someone else play a few tracks. it's visually stunning and just beautiful.

Nintendo seems to be coming along finally, with the addition of online tournaments and all. (also see Mario Golf World Tour)

if you don't have it, go get it. its the cornerstone of the platform, until smash bros of course!
You know what the strange thing is; I have never played any Mario Cart game for an extended period of time. I really need to get with the program!
another major improvement i noticed is that you can unlock the goodies in multiplayer. this had to be done in 1 player mode on MK wii, which was terrible because this game is best when played with friends all together.

it gets better every time i play it
I need to play this eventually!!! I am saving for it. I might buy it from amazon when I get some money!
ok after a solid weekend of banging out some tracks with the family, i must admit there is something really bothering me. (although i've yet to try online) why isn't there somewhere to put in our initials to keep track of stats or whose unlocking what? that's one of the most interesting things about Smash Bros, i think something like that should have included. besides Smash, this is the GAME to play with other people.

Oh well
Get it averus - I mean... I haven't like Mario Kart for a while and now I can't put it down. So freaking boss man - so freaking boss. Join the Kart Side averus - we provide insurance for rage fueled destruction... and cookies.
"Did you get cookies? When the blank did we get cookies!?"
Last time I played any MK game with friends, I lost two friends :D

I'll see if I can save up some money to buy the console and the game. Would be great :cool:
I love mario kart 8 its so fun I play it non stop the only issue I hate about it is battle mode I cant believe they got lazythey could of put some old stages of battle modes I use to love battle mode and now I dont even wanna touch it other than that game is so fun I just wish nintendo could change battle mode it would make me happy and it would be cool if there was sum dlc like new maps I would buy them hopefully nintendo reads this love the game but battle Sucks!!!!
good news! this summer we're getting dlc in the form of a Mercedes Kart. hopefully more characters also.

maybe its a 4 door and we can put all the Koopa kids in it
I've been playing this a lot with my friends and it's a great party game. Grab some beers, order a pizza and start laughing at each other getting blue-shelled. Just the perfect game for a Friday night right now, can't imagine this with many other games at the moment.
I'm having a blast with MK8. I love pretty much everything about it. I used to play MK64, and seeing my favorite tracks all revamped and hearing the music redone is a boatload of nostalgia for me. I played MK for the wii too, and I still do some times.

It doesn't hurt that MK8 came with a free game too.
^agreed, i can actually see where I'm going on the yoshi track. super fun game

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