Mario Kart 9 Ideas And Predictions


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Mar 5, 2016
Hello! I am gonna share my MK9 Ideas And Predictions! Mario Kart 9 Is most likely to be on Nintendo NX. But, anyways here are my ideas.


Shell Cup:
(3DS) Daisy Hills
(DS) Shroom Ridge
(GBA) Lakeside Park
(SNES) Mario Circuit 4

Banana Cup:
(SNES) Ghost Valley 3
(3DS) Shy Guy Bazaar
(Wii U) Sweet Sweet Canyon
(Wii) Toad's Factory

Leaf Cup:
(Wii U) Shy Guy Falls
(GCN) Mushroom City
(N64) Wario Stadium
(GBA) Bowser Castle 4

Lightning Cup:
(3DS) Wario Shipyard
(Wii U) Electrodrome
(GCN) Bowser Castle
(GBA) Rainbow Road

SNES Tracks: 2
N64 Tracks: 1
GBA Tracks: 3
GCN Tracks: 2
DS Tracks: 1
Wii Tracks: 1
3DS Tracks: 3
Wii U Tracks: 3


Returning Items:
Green Shell
Tri-Green Shell
Red Shell
Tri-Red Shell
Golden Mushroom
Blooper (BUT, needs a bigger splat that can at least affect REAL HUMAN vision)
Spiny Shell
Lightning Bolt
Bullet Bill/Chain Chomp
Piranha Plant
Super Horn
Boo Item
Giant Banana
Mega Mushroom
Fake Item Box
Bowser Shell

[Items That Shouldn't Return And My Reasons:]

Coin Item: It doesn't really do anything.. but just increase acceleration and it is useless.

POW Block: Again, it is useless.

Thunder Cloud: If you use it, and there is no one around.. you're doomed. It isn't really an item. Items are suppose to help you. Not just turn you tiny like this one.

Leaf: It is useless.

[New Items:]

Hammer: When used, it pops out in front of you. Once you use it again, it will crash down and speed you up. Anyone who gets caught will be mashed and flat.

Ice Flower: Shoots ice fireballs. Once someone is hit by it, they will have to press a button 4 times to get out.

Frenzy 9: Gives 9 Items- Green Shell,Red Shell,Spiny Shell,Mushroom,Star,Bob-Omb,Banana,Blooper,and Super Horn.

Bouncy Ball: Can be thrown forward or backward. Will bounce off walls and when it hits someone, they get mushed or they can rolled over.

Cursed Skull: Goes after all the players ahead of you and can prevent player's drifting. This also slows down players. Affect disappears after 6 seconds.

Wand: Is very powerful. Shoots a spell up into the sky and one of the following things can happen:

-A ton of bananas will fall down (for 6 seconds and then they will fade)

-Fireballs will shoot at all players

-A ton of shells will appear out of nowhere

[PART 3: Characters]

IMPORTANT: Any characters with % will not appear at the start of the game and will need to be unlocked.


Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong %
Birdo %
Bowser Jr %
Waluigi %
Rosalina %
Shy Guy
Dry Bowser %
Metal Mario %
Baby Mario %
Baby Luigi %
Koopalings %

Characters That Shouldn't Return:

Honey Queen
Pink Gold Peach
Petey Piranha
Baby Rosalina
Baby Daisy
Baby Peach

New Characters:
Hammer Bro
Professor E Gadd
This was a good thread. It's a shame it never got replies!

I want Mario Kart 9 to have balanced gameplay, and to also be a technological marvel (assuming it's on the NX).


New modes
A new form of online play. I don't know what yet.
A couple new items, at least
The implementation of more real life cars
Game Modes:

-Single Player. (Grand Prix, Time Trial)
-Multiplayer. (On or Offline.)
-Versus Mode. (Single/Multiplayer)
-Battle Mode. (Single/Multiplayer)
-Mission Mode.

Mushroom Cup:

-Mario Circuit. (Like GBA Circuit, No Peach Castle)
-Beach. (Thailand Beach Based, With Huts)
-Stuffed Animal World. (All Nintendo Plush)
-Star Festival. (Super Mario Galaxy)

Flower Cup:

-Cliff/Mountain. (NSMBWii World 6 w/ No Forest)
-Lava/Hell. (Wii Grumble Volcano Based)
-Desert. (Sahara Desert Based)
-City/Highway. (Like MK8 N64 Toad's Turnpike)

Star Cup:

-Amusement Park. (Nintendo Theme Park)
-Snow/Ice. (NSMBU Frosted Glacier)
-Airship. (DS Airship Fortress Based)
-Cave. (1 Lap/3 Sections Long, Like Mount Wario)

Special Cup:

-Swamp. (Piranha Creeper Creek)
-Kitchen. (Drive On Dining Table & Through Food)
-Bowser's Castle. (Castle Only/No Outside Part, Castle + Factory Mix)
-Rainbow Road. (Not In Space, Part Of MK8 Rainbow Road In Song)
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Shell Cup:

-SNES Mario Circuit 4.
-Wii U Thwomp Ruins.
-3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
-Wii Toad's Factory.

Banana Cup:

-GBA Boo Lake.
-Wii U Toad Harbor.
-DS Shroom Ridge.
-GCN Mushroom City.

Leaf Cup:

-N64 Wario Stadium.
-3DS Rosalina's Ice World.
-Wii U Electrodrome.
-GBA Bowser Castle 4.

Lightning Cup:

-Wii U Cloudtop Cruise.
-GCN Wario Colosseum.
-Wii Bowser's Castle.
-GBA Rainbow Road.


Battle Tracks:

-Swamp. (Add Ruins Section)
-Amusement Park. (Battle At Night)
-Snow/Ice. (Add Ski Resort Section)
-Mario Circuit. (Goombella & Lady Bow Statues)
-N64 Double Deck.
-GBA Battle Course 4.
-DS Nintendo DS.
-Wii Funky Stadium.
-Switch Dragon Palace.
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DLC Nitro Tracks:

-Mario Beach. (Mario Kart Arcade GP 1/2)
-Omatsuri Circuit. (Mario Kart Arcade GP DX)
-Yoshi's Island. (Yoshi's Island Series)
-Casino Palace. (F-Zero Series)
-World 5/Mangoruby Forest. (Donkey Kong Country Returns)
-Bright Savannah. (Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze)
-The Poképark. (Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure)
-Thunder Deck. (Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing)

DLC Retro Tracks:

-SNES Koopa Beach 1.
-N64 Banshee Boardwalk.
-GBA Rainbow Road.
-GCN Luigi Circuit.
-DS Mario Circuit.
-Wii Dry Dry Ruins.
-3DS Daisy Hills.
-Wii U Animal Crossing.
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Shell Cup:

-SNES Vanilla Lake 2.
-GBA Boo Lake.
-DS Shroom Ridge.
-GCN Mushroom City.

Banana Cup:

-N64 Moo Moo Farms.
-SNES Mario Circuit 4.
-WII Toad's Factory.
-3DS Rock Rock Mountain.

Leaf Cup:

-WII U Sweet Sweet Canyon.
-N64 Wario Stadium.
-GCN Wario Coliseum.
-3DS Make Wuhu.

Lightning Cup:

-GBA Yoshi Desert.
-WII U Dolphin Shoals.
-WII Bowser's Castle.
-DS Rainbow Road.

I love your tracks so far. Big fan of it :D
Thanks Rain, also I decided that since it's Mario Kart 9, and there are/might be 8 games before it, I was thinking of having 2 retro tracks per game. Since there are a total of 16 retro tracks ever since Mario Kart DS, I decided to keep the games' retro tracks balanced with the same number of retro tracks per game.
Here's what id like to see: Mario Kart Complete, as in ALL the tracks remastered. Then id group them like all Rainbow Roads in one or two Grand Prix's, etc. Also, I loved Double Dash so of course the characters should ride together again.


No retro tracks. Lets go with a ton of new stuff. I for one am probably not buying MK8 again. It was awesome for wii u, i really just don't think I'm spending the money on it again.
And can we get a goomba please?