Mario Kart DLC Balloon Battles

Would you like Block Fort and Double Deck as DLC

  • yes I would

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  • I don't care

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  • No there shouldn't

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Jun 12, 2015
Wii U
You know what we need in Mario Kart proper balloon battles.
We should have Block Fort and Double Deck as DLC, me myself am willing to pay $20 for this pack and I'm sure you are too. I would like to hear what you think.
It would be nice to have extra modes from older games, but I'm definitely not paying $20 for that.
What I meant to say is I'm willing to pay $20, but I'm sure it will be $8 with 3 characters as well
i tell you what i would pay for is more retro tracks. id love Double Dash completely remade, two per kart as well. I was so excited to get the Yoshi track, and Baby track. How bout a Grand Prix with 4 different retro rainbow roads?

im not paying for balloon battles, we just don't do them much.
I definitely would not pay for the DLC if it was for balloon battles. However id be willing to buy new tracks anytime. Never really got into the battle side of Mario Kart.

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