Mario Party games for Wii


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Jul 13, 2013
Do you find it fun to play? When I first bough Mario Party 8 I was thrilled. Though after a while it got boring unless you had friends to play with. Even with friends everything got repetitive and it got boring. I guess that's why they kept releasing more mario party games to not let people get bored. I am guessing this game isn't really meant to play everyday but on days that there are guest over.
I didn't even know there was Mario Party on Wii. :p

I hate Mario Party games with a passion.
Why Donkey Punch? I personally find them fun, but then again I've never had an issue with mini-games. Most of the time someone says they hate Mario Party or whatever it's because they don't like things like mini-games.
did you try Mario Party 9? i loved it. they incorporated boss fights to end the boards. i would suggest it to any fan of the series.
I haven't played Mario Party 9 but that sounds like fun. I like Mario Party if I don't get screwed over :p
I find Mario Party games to be super fun but they aren't so fun if you are playing them alone. I think you would have more fun if you have a lot of friends to play it with because if you try to go at it alone you will get bored rather quickly. Normally I like to play Mario Party with the kids because they really enjoy it. I must admit that sometimes some of the games do get repetitive but everytime you play a ceratin mini game everyone gets better at it and when everyone gets better at it it makes the competition stiffer and makes the game even more fun to play!
I really enjoy Mario Party games. I have since the 64. I find that it is better if you play with friends. Playing it by yourself is just repetitive. I get really good at the mini-games, I always put the computers on easy (I guess I could put them up some levels but I don't want them to get to good), and I always play the boards I like to play. It just gets boring and I wish there were more options for those playing alone. The option that they have gets boring really easily too.
I didn't even know there was Mario Party on Wii. :p

I hate Mario Party games with a passion.
I find this really hard to believe because honestly they have been the games that I have had the most fun playing when I am playing them on the WII.
Well these games are made to played with friends. I understand that you get bored if you play by yourself, it is not a single player game lol. The AI is pretty dumb in single player but playing with friends is awesome.

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