Mario with simultaneous multiplayer?


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Jun 20, 2016
I've searched and searched and searched but can't seem to find an answer. My Gf and I had a wii for a while and we loved playing what I thought was Super Mario Bros 3 in simultaneous multiplayer. I can't seem to find it again now. I'm pretty sure the original didn't have simultaneous but instead player 1 would play a level and then player 2 would. Am I remembering wrong about which game this was? I could swear it was Super Mario Bros 3. Maybe it was a remastered version on the virtual console on the Wii or something? Thanks for any help.
Are you talking about Mario Bros?

That looks familiar. I'm almost positive it was super mario 3.
^ Don't think any mainline series had it until 3D world. SMB3 on GBA just had the arcade SMB.
Hmm. Wonder if it was something they added on the virtual console? I've about drove myself crazy trying to figure it out. Guess the saying about not knowing what you have till its gone is true lol
Ok, now that I think about it I believe it may have been smbx. We checked that out around the same time cause we were jonesing for some retro Mario. It's worth checking out, if I remember correctly it was a bit better graphics. Thanks for helping me remember guys
Well Super Mario Bros Wii and Wii U have multiplayer, but they also use 3d graphics.
Well to be honest all of these things seem to blend together into one big Mario experience, but I am not sure if I recall anything simultaneous. Now that I think about it there has to one out there, and if not it seems fun and like a logical direction to go. I definitely just remember the taking turns though, and I spent a lot of college time trading time with my roommate.

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