Mario World crashes


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Jun 10, 2020
Super NES
Hi, just got my old SNES out with my 8 year old. In Super Mario World, you die as soon as you drop to Iggy's platform on the lava, he doesn't even appear!

I thought it was my cartridge so I've bought another and the same thing happens! All other games work fine except this one, and It's incredibly frustrating and annoying. Wondered if there's anyone else who had the same problem.
This is a pretty rare glitch that has been reported by a few users on different gaming boards over the years. Your SNES console is causing the issue.

Try cleaning the pin connectors in the cartridge slot first. Follow instructions from the web on how to clean the SNES cartridge slot. If the problem is caused by dirt, that will resolve the issue in Super Mario World.

If cleaning doesn't help, the glitch may be caused by a corroded trace on the motherboard. You will need to inspect the SNES motherboard for broken traces and if you find one, carefully solder it back on. This obviously requires skill as you can break things just as easily as fix them.

The alternative is to replace the motherboard or the entire system. Keep us posted here either way.
Thank you for the help, just ordered the gamebits so going to have a go at cleaning hopefully this weekend. Failing that my dad's pretty good at soldering and the technical stuff lol Went through 11 games and noticed star wars doesn't work properly either, others are fine though! I'll keep you posted 👍

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