I'm not quite sure what you mean when you ask "how is this a topic?" For a Nintendo forum such as this, I would have thought that Mario would have been one of the most discussed topics on the boards. When people think of Nintendo, they automatically also think of Mario and vice versa.

With the thread title just being Mario, I'm guessing that the OP just wants people's broad opinion on the game? Either way it's got quite a few comments so for any forum I think that's probably all that matters.
I will repeat how is this a topic? It just says Mario..yeah what about him? What game? Be specific what you want a topic to be. Engage the discussion. Just spouting whatever is not a topic. There is a bazillion Mario games in the past 30+ years. If I just make a topi called Dragon Slayer then said I like it funny how far we come even that would be more specific because at least then we know it's now called Legend of Heroes and a different kind of series than Dragon Slayer.
perhaps the poster is a bit shy and this was an introduction of sorts? i can relate, this is exactly how Zelda Dungeons forum was for me. I myself am quite shy, and after a fairly general post, i got blasted for not enough content, no proof, etc, like I have a degree in Grammar or some such.

I also remember here a kid intro'd and the FIRST response was like "ewww whats with your avatar? my lil pony is for girls!" Guess how many posts that poor kid left after that.

Yes, i love Mario. Yes the graphics have come a long way. I recently started replaying 3d Land for the 3ds on a new 3ds XL and its awesome in 3d. Sometimes we just need a little Mario in our lives
Yeah 3d Land on the new 3DS XL looks absolutely awesome. Better graphics + Super Stable 3D = Awesome gameplay experience. Played it first on an old gen 3DS and it has not been a pleasant experience for me. It's really difficult to play on an old generation 3DS with 3D because the view gets messed up with little movement and it's impossible for me to keep my hands steady when playing these kind of games... the new 3DS changed all that.
Well, after the chastising that the OP has had for not writing the topic title in a way that one of the forum members likes, if I was him I'd think twice about posting on this forum again to be honest. So much for a welcoming forum. A forum not only gets built up by the amount of quality threads and posts, it also gets built up by the community welcoming others at the same time.

Something that this thread has certainly not done.
How have I been the least welcoming when I've been the one that's tried to stick up for the original poster by saying it doesn't and shouldn't matter how a thread title is written, as long as it gets people responding? When have I said that this forum is a shithole and told the anybody not to come here?

What I said is that as this was the posters first post, to get responses criticising it isn't going to endear them to the forum. seeing as this thread is the only one that they have posted since they registered, then even though you yourself might not like it, it looks like i might be right.

Or is that my fault also?
Yeah pwarbi raised some good points and I think we can all learn a lesson from it. But apparently the OP has no plans of coming back so I guess we just have to do better next time. :)
I think at the end of the day, we all want the same thing, and we want this forum to work, expand and grow as much as possible so I'm not falling out with anyone, it was just my observation. We all have a different opinion about a lot of things, and lets face it, if we all agreed on the same things then there wouldn't be much point in having a forum in the first place as it's a place to share opinion and discuss.

It's a shame that the OP doesn't intend to come back, but as one leaves, I'm sure others will join and we'll continue and carry on regardless.

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