Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Got this one for Christmas so i cleared out a little backlog so i could give my full attention. Wow. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but that's a good thing because it got depth! After the first couple chapters, I'm starting to hit my stride. Game is a blast.
Update for whom it may concern: new costumes are out, and finally Doctor Doom has been announced for the spring time. Cant wait
I really want to get this game. I just have so much to play. And now Animal Crossing is coming out.
hey hey @MilkBone ! How's it going? Yeah man, it's very addictive. Just finished my fourth play through, thought i was done and discovered more unlockables so i have to play again. Darn the bad luck. I sure got my moneys worth with this one. And yes, Animal Crossing is tugging at my heart. It's going to be hard not to pick that one up.
How do you pass level 2 with no 2nd player Edit ( Added ) Not only that but if you get the expansion pass ( required if you want a chance at other characters ) If you play by yourself you cant pass the content, You need synergy attacks to pass some points and the computer just sits there, and the danger room needs other players to try and unlock the xmen bonus characters, unless you try to go against the computer who always wins, it takes a ton of grinding to just try and play.
@FlorenceM I DEFINITELY feel your pain. There is a chest in Wakanda in story mode i've never gotten because of this.

When you say Level 2, what exactly do you mean? Like in the story mode? Do you mean like trying to break a wall?

Im thinking the trouble you are having is this: some of the characters just don't do synergy with others. (Shame.) I've had places where i actually had to change hero, and try again. There is a way to check out synergies on the hero select screen. I think you press R then X. Let me know if this helps please.