Maybe some news Wednesday

Well I try not to get myself too excited or engrossed in upcoming news and updates and things of that nature, but it is tough. I was looking at the link like "don't do it" to myself, but of course I know it is harmless. As long as I can remember to just relax and take it as it comes, which is usually pretty slowly.
Hm, yeah, I think it could happen. We'll just have to see, but either way I'm interested to hear more about the NX and what it'll be like. I'm trying not to get too excited about it, though, just like @rz3300 said. Thanks for bringing the news, though. ^_^
i am not excited and i'll say why: I HAD to have the wii u the day it came out. It took a week but i found one, got the 32GB deluxe and all. Got the Pro Controller which is awesome. And for what felt like a few months, i had almost nothing to play with. It came with Nintendoland which we had a family blast with. But i remember playing wii games on it until Super Mario/Luigi came out and then Ducktales. Now it's a blast to have and I'm not nearly ready to move on from it, like the wii. This may be my favorite console ever, the 3ds is definitely my fav handheld. After i finish TPHD and the few VC games i have, i may change my tune. Until then ladies and gentlemen...
Most of what is circling on the web wasn't Nintendo that launch it. I think 90% of it is made up. It's created such a stir that i just hope that when the NX is launched it doesn't have a negative effect on it.

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