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Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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The Nintendo DS is one of those systems that has an amazingly rich and diverse library of games. Since it's a 32-bit system, it's an absolute 2D powerhouse. Konami truly showcased some of this handheld's capabilities with the Castlevania titles that they developed.

However, Capcom was not to be outdone, they released Mega Man ZX & Mega Man ZX Advent action / platformers which absolutely rocked!

While these two titles were technically amazing, I still have a soft spot for the older Mega Man Zero games which first came out on the GBA. Fortunately, all four MM Zero games are also available in the Mega Man Zero Collection for the Nintendo DS. These hold up quite well, while not technically as good as the ZX series they do seem to be a bit more fun.

Did anyone here buy the Mega Man Zero Collection for the DS, or play them individually on the GBA?
I bought Megaman Zero Collection around a month after it came out. I didn't own a GBA at that time so my first portable console was the DS Lite. I like that the game gave us an option to play each game for scratch. There is the option that you can play all 4 games, but having the armors from the beginning. The followups for the Zero series weren't that good, story-wise. But the spirit of Megaman gameplay was there.
Well I used to play Megaman a whole lot more than I do now, and to be honest I actually forgot about the game a little bit until just about now. It was always one of the better games to play though, but the one thing is that I remember always struggling with them. I am not sure if they were particularly difficult, or maybe there was something that I was just not getting. The latter is probably more the case, and so for that maybe I should give them another chance someday. Thanks for sharing.

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