Mega Man Zero games

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
Super Famicom
I'm a huge Capcom and Mega Man fan, have played most of the titles in the franchise. Mega Man X1 through to X4 are my personal favorites. One of the reasons I bought a Game Boy Advance was to play the Mega Man Zero series. Brutally hard games but in typical Mega Man fashion, also incredibly rewarding. The sprite work, bosses and backgrounds are all incredible and so is the music.

Anyone here get to play any of the Mega Man Zero games?
I remember playing the X games just because Sigma was a badass and I loved to scale and jump around as Zero. I can't even recall which one I started on, if I was even proper with the series - but my friends used to love them and play them and talk about them all the time, and seeing as I was a fan of the original MM series, I figured why not?

It did actually transition really well from NES-to higher consoles, and the graphics didn't lag behind - even on the Gameboy. I liked they kept it 2d but made 3-d models as well. It made it feel more modern. I also liked the 100 year time gap jump and how they explained reploids were actually living in harmony for awhile. The bosses and levels actually required some memorization, it wasn't just blast through and run through all the bosses like some earlier versions. If you didn't pay attention it'd come back and bite you!