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Sep 19, 2012
It's probably time for us to implement a member ranking system. So many Nintendo games have a rich progression system, so we can have a lot of fun with this. Let's begin brainstorming!
Hey, I think it will be great!
I go in the Xbox forums occasionally and they have a really good thing where you enter your gamer tag and that shows up with your gamerscore, your awards and a bunch of other stuff as well as your forum rank.
It's always nice to level up :)
Yes this would be great. It can easily be accomplished too with user rank titles and images. Since this is a nintendo forum you should come up with Nintendo-related tiles/rank images from various Nintendo franchises. :) I've seen this done in the past on other nintendo-based forums and it tends to work very well. :)
If you were going off of all Nintendo-based franchises, someone who just joined should be called Blanca, from the Animal Crossing series.
We should make a topic for the member rank listings.
This is the topic.
I think what he means is somewhere, it should be posted what people will achieve at certain post counts. Like
1-10: Yoshis Egg
11-50: Pokemon trainer
51-99: Young Lonk
100-?: Invisible mario
I'm not actually sure these are the post counts required, but they are the first few titles.
It should be kept in this topic though.
The ranks are still being tweaked, and we will also implement images next to rank/title, but after we upgrade to new forum software later this year.
Ive seen some pretty cool ranks in other forums, if you want me to show them.

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