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Mar 25, 2016
I've whined to the forum many times about my schizophrenia, but we've got Dustin interested in learning more about it, and I thought I would explain exactly what it is. Keep in mind that this thread may get a little PG because of the descriptions, so you can click off now if you want.

Here is what my schizophrenia is like. First of all, there are elements deep down, though not so much outwardly, of mental retardation. I have an IQ that can just about reach 160, but when it comes to real world skills, I act like someone with an IQ of 80. Literally.

But the second more important element, is that I act extremely emo.

Also, weird tendencies creep up sometimes. Like flip-flopping on issues almost like a teenager who doesn't know what he believes.

What's worse is that every case is different. So it's not as simple as going to a therapist/psychologist once and getting things solved. Those are the easier cases. For cases like mine, the psychologist will sit there and shake his head and just try to guess what's wrong with you.

Don't get me wrong, psychologists help. But I actually have to use both a psychiatrist, for medicine, and a psychologist, for therapy.

But my thoughts are also INCREDIBLY deep. For example, I am bi and I sometimes act like a woman. I have thought in the past about getting gender change surgery to fit my personality, but then realized that if I was a woman, less of my preferred gender that I am attracted to, women, would like me. Then making such a decision becomes even harder when you have one of those Conservative families who doesn't understand these things.

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