Metal Gear Solid: The Twins Snakes

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Dec 15, 2013
Who has played it?
It seems like not alot of people played it because of it's gamecube exlusivity.
It's kinda sad because i've heard it's good but i've also heard it's terrible so I'm not quite sure WHAT to believe.
I'm thinking about getting it but I wanna get an opinion from several people who arn't critics.
I bought it many years ago in mint condition, started playing, and got stuck literally in the first 5 minutes of the game. Never picked it up again.

That was my first Metal Gear Solid game, so maybe I just wasn't used to the gameplay style, but I never found the time to come back to Twin Snakes.
I love this game. When I heard Metal Gear was coming back to Nintendo. I bought it day one. And I played the whole game for 13 hours straight. Without cheating and beat it. I still have it in my collection. Great game. Has anyone played the original on the NES?
I've played a little bit of the original on NES but I have yet to get around to finishing it. It was really good then eh? I'll have to pick it up then. I love me some metal gear.
Yeah it is. It's a remake using the much newer and better MGS2 engine including the new features MGS2 added like first person shooting and stuff. The Voice acting was mostly rerecorded from what I understand too.
I remember almost picking that one up; but at the time, I had grown away from the Metal Gear series. I was a little disappointed by the second MGS, due to the fact Snake wasn't the main character. I was left hanging till Metal Gear 4.
The Metal Gear Solid games were so story oriented, that it became a real drag waiting to see what would happen to Snake. He made a few cameos in MGS2, but I really didn't care much for Rayden (is that how you spell it?). MGS3 was cool; in that, it allowed you to see how Big Boss came to be; but, they should have released that along with another MGS game about Snake.
It's Raiden.

I have the first three games but I still have yet to play through 2. It's so god aweful with all of Raiden's whining. That's the same reason I dislike FFX.
:D Tidus is too "whiny" for you? I often found myself thinking the same thing when playing that game. Part of me hoped he would die in the end, simply because I quickly grew weary of his pissing and moaning.
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