Metrioid Other M


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May 27, 2014
Nintendo 64
I dont know why everyone hates on this game. Sure having all your weapons and not being able to use them sometimes blows, but the constant cut scenes give us the insight into Samas like never before. I absolutely love the game and I'm only a few hours in. So why do people hate it?
Most of the people who hate it did not grow up playing the 2D Metroid games and think that the Prime trilogy is the true Metroid. They are clueless. Other M is a proper sequel to the Metroid series, and it's a fantastic game.
dude we must be kin! i loved it! the story, it was fun. it was also my first complete Metroid. it brought me into the series, I've since completed Super Metroid which was awesome as well. They just have a doomed atmosphere that really adds to the game
The prime serious, I'll be honest, i never got into. I just didn't like them, but my friend got me Other M and I'm hooked! I'm just glad there are other people besides me who like it!
i haven't tried prime yet, but i've learned not to discount any title in this series. i just finished Super Metroid and thought it was awesome

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