Metroid speedruns?


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Feb 19, 2016
Nintendo DS
I love watching speedruns of most games, though I have to admit that Metroid speedruns tend to rank among the most exciting. The games have some pretty awesome tricks to cut down on time, particularly in Super Metroid. Does anyone else watch Metroid speedruns? Which runners are your favorites?

For a bit of fun, here's possibly my favorite speedrunning race of all time. It's so good. Also, Super Metroid.

I could watch that all day, thanks for sharing.

I don't have favourite speed-runs or speed-runners since I don't really watch them on a regular basis, but once in a while, it's just amazing to see how quickly and smoothly they can complete the game. That's repetition at it's finest, lol.
Yeaaaah, repetition is no joke. Having dabbled in a bit of speedrunning (not that successfully, but I can get through Mega Man 2 pretty quickly) I can attest to the idea that you need to repeat... and repeat... and repeat. Forever. To get good results. The fact that two of those runners in that video came within mere seconds of one another is ridiculous.
This is borderline incredible but doesn't it take away from all the fun of the game in the first place? I mean we can all agree its beyond impressive but I don't think I could ever play that way.

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