Metroids = jellyfish!

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Oct 15, 2012
So this kid on Miiverse started playing Super Metroid on Virtual Console and was so clueless that he entertained the entire community as he was trying to figure the game out. Looks like he finally beat it. Below is his entire journey, more or less.






That is just pathetic... HAHA. I still need to get super metroid so i can replay it. I lost my cartridge :( Hopefully I find it sometime.
Yes, you need to track this one down again! No game collection is complete without Super Metroid. That game is, hands down the best one of the series, with a huge replay value.
That is adorable... although I'm not sure English is his first or second or third language... Somebody needs to give this kid some spell check and maybe a guide. I do love the jellyfish comment. Also the sayian one.
That is so true! He really needs spell check but he is probably still very young... Though his speech patterns make him seem like he is his teens. Anyways, his comments are hilarious and makes me miss playing this game back in the days. I do agree with the jellyfish comment, it is funny!
I just have a love of books and such, so what seeing such abuse of the language is a bit heartbreaking. That said I can remember playing the game (in Japanese) and making similar comments to the whole... Jellyfish thing. Really everyone should playthrough at least once for the experience of wondering what exactly is going on with everything.
Haha, I remember the first post when this started up, but I had no idea they carried on!

I think he must be a bit older, and just playing with everyone. I haven't yet finished Super Metroid (I only had a chance to play it when it came out on the Wii U Virtual Console) but IIRC you had to use the morph ball to get to that point anyway - he should surely know what to do by then. Combined with some smaller references to other games, like the "red tunic" and comments about water dungeons make me think he must be a bit more experienced than he's letting on here.
Metroids are exactly like jellyfish: if one latches onto you, the best thing way to remove it is to freeze it and then blow it away with explosives! ;)
When I was a kid I thought the main character was a guy called Metroid, and I called Metroids jellyfish too :D
It didn't last long because I read the game manual a couple of days after buying the game (the original Metroid).

They do look like jellyfish tbh :D

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