Mewtwo DLC for Smash Bros

Mewtwo was my main back then but it had then switched to Sheik over time. However, with Mewtwo back in the game, I definitely want to have him as my main again. Unfortunately, I was unable to catch him for the download in March, but I hope that it can still be possible later on. A friend of mine said that once you miss it, you missed it, but perhaps he's wrong?

Anyways, I often play Mewtwo when playing with friends. He's gotten a lot weaker than usual, but he has a lot more moves which I'm definitely okay with. Some of his combos are pretty intense, too.
I actually have some spare mewtwo codes, not that it matters since you can currently buy him from the eshop. I've used him and he is alright, just got to master him.
I'm very curious. I skipped the Wii and therefore Brawl, but Mewtwo was among my favorites on Melee.
However with all these awesome Virtual Console games I'm reluctant to buy the DLC until I'm convinced it's amazing. Thought this thread might do the trick but it hasn't. :p
Perhaps I'll wait 'til I unlock more stuff before deciding... the new Smash Bros. is still fairly new to me, I haven't unlocked all characters.
I got the DLC but I am not gonna main him.

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