Microsoft should give Xbox One to Nintendo - What?

My comment when I read the title was: "What? :huh: "

My comment when I read the article was: "What? :huh: "

Isn't forbes supposed to be a serious, legit site?

"When businesses fall into profit-killing price wars the big winner is the one who figures out how to exit first."
You'd have to be a complete idiot to think "hey, I invested millions into this console, but since everybody's losing money, I'm gonna give it to Nintendo and just quit this war".

Yeah, way to go :mellow:
I'm sick of these playstation/xbox fanboys bashing Nintendo. Maybe they can get this through their thick head filled with cob webs and other junk. At least Nintendo makes consoles that work. and your fanboy consoles just doesn't want to work. You can't make the Xbox One or PS4 work. it refuses to work. When will these kids learn that better graphics do NOT make better games. I'm not being a fanboy at all. But the xbox one is the Atari Jaguar CD all over again. And the controller is the Atari 5200 controller. There is something wrong here. These people love the Nintendo games. But they make up all of these lies and rumors that are NOT even true,Just because they want Nintendo games on the Playstation and xbox. These Newbs need to grow up. Also I hate it when kids today spell Newbs as in Noobs. You are a Newb for spelling Newb as in Noob. let go of your moms breast. Also.

He is the most angry video game nerd.

...Okay. I definitely need to start writing for Forbes because their standards are ridiculously low. That said - that was honestly one of the funniest bits of fluff I've ever read. I don't - I can't even follow the logic train that derailed into the report's conclusion. Man.
Forbes has been crazy lately. I've read a couple of their articles during the past months and couldn't believe the crap they've published.
I guess we could all be earning money by writing articles for them, like Esper said :D
I had heard this before, that Xbox had lost a ton of sales, and it makes me wonder. How could they lose all that money and then want to keep making game consoles. I just don't get it. And I'm sure that they wouldn't just give up either. So, I just don't get this.
This doesn't make sense at all. For one, Nintendo would never produce a console like the Xbox One - just look at that thing, it looks like a VCR from the early 80s.

Nintendo is a Japanese company with an incredibly strong Japanese sensibility in how it goes about it's business. They make nice, small, slick and above all - reliable devices. Something Microsoft has no clue about. There's no point for Nintendo to take over anything Microsoft makes, it would just be damaging to the company.

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