Microsoft,Sony & Nintendo Sues Gamers over body tats

Fake news. They just wrote this BS to get clicks. I guess that's one way to get visitors to your site.
Well, fake like The Onion is fake. I'm pretty sure p4rgaming is a satire site. What with the other ridiculous stories that are the equivalent to 'Modern Science Still Only Able To Predict One Upcoming Tetris Block'.
Obvious fakery is obviously fake. I mean think about it - how would they find all of these people? And what exactly would be their complaint? These people aren't making money off the modification of their bodies - so I guess you could sue the tattooist, but then you would have to prove that their actions are costing you business. And that's not even taking into consideration the sheer level of bad press such a move would engender.
...and yet Genius. At least that's what I'm interpreting that particular smiley face as meaning. I freely admit that I could totally be completely wrong. Though of course I'm not because I can't handle being wrong... like ever.
You are right. Absolutely. :D

I thought about this title right now and can't believe I actually clicked. I mean, seriously - body tats?
Can't believe I clicked...

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