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May 12, 2013
So I saw somewhere else, I don't think it was here, people were discussing and sharing pictures of the Mii's they have created on their Wii/DS's. I have never actually made any other than just one to represent me and one novelty character, Rock Lee from naruto. So I figured I'd come here and ask if anyone has any speacial/ neat ones they have made.

Do all of your Mii's represent family members, celebrity's or something else all together?
Rock Lee is so easy to make to make lol, the default Mii character design almost looks like him already. I made Naruto once but he turned out tremendously ugly.
Haha, Yeah, that's why I ended up making him, quick and easy. I haven't tried a Naruto but my friend said he made a fairly good one, I never got to see it though. My husband made an orochimaru but it kinda just looked like a normal, pale girl.
When I first got the Wii all I did was make Miis! Most of them resembles my family and I had fun making all 48 of my family members not including the ones to come! I haven't thought about making celebrities on the game before probably because I was so focus on finishing my family! Though after I made a mii for everyone I got bored and left it alone for years.
I used to make mii's when I first got the Wii, but i have to admit that after a while I did kind of get bored of it. But when I was making them, I made my family and a few celebrities, at least the best I could. I made a little Bruce Willis Mii and he was my favorite LOL.
My family was more into Mii creation than I was, but I did make a couple of things like Gendu and Renton and Spike and Mario. It just wasn't that big of a thing for me I guess. Then again I spend a lot of time trying to make my Xbox avatar look exactly like Simon from Adventure Time.
I love creating miis, I would always have contests with my friends with who could create the ugliest/sexiest haha.
I definitely think that is one of the best parts of Wii is getting to create your own Mii. I have created one to resemble me and I have also created some for my family its really fun and funny because it give you a chance to just be creative and have fun.
I still have a gaggle of Miis. I have: Venom, Jack Skellington, Madonna, Charlie Brown, Boo, Cleopatra, Hulk Hogan, Mario, Undertaker, Guy Fawkes, Sally Jessy Raphael, and the list goes on and on and gets more strange for some reason. I believe I have over 30? Never counted.
I think that is so funny and awesome at the same time that you made Miis of Hulk Hogan and Undertaker, considering I am a wrestling fan and happen to like those two a lot makes it more interesting.
When I got the Wii and started to make the Mii characters, I would make them all the time. I thought that they were so cool because they were a little me. My family actually made one for my pug I'm pretty sure. I asked my sister and she said we did, not sure why we would though haha. I just loved being able to make all those little people. It's funny how fast it can become boring now.

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