Mii Friends Application: Thoughts?


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Nov 16, 2014
About a year ago, my town had a fair that was Video Game themed. This was during the time when 3DS' were making it big. (They still are, but as most now have a 3DS, people were striving for them then.) I was so excited to go to the fair that I brought my 3DS with me in case anyone had the same games as me and wanted to battle (Pokemon) or see my town (Animal Crossing: New Leaf). For the five hours that I was there, I made the mistake of keeping my 3DS on 'sleep mode' and at the end of the day, spent a good hour saying "hello!" to all these new, random people in my Mii Friends Application. Granted, you want as many people as possible, but it was seriously more than 50 people that I was saying hello to and I couldn't stop until they all said their schpiel. I just wish that you were able to click check-boxes near their name or select "Hello to All" so you can get it done all at one time -- not just one at a time.

Does anyone else find this Application on the 3DS to be annoying, or is it just me?
thats a lot of tags at one time, i've only maybe got 6 or 7 at once. i guess this is why we can't leave a big message. i actually like the app, i recently finally finished the Find Mii game and bought the Monster Manor and must say it is deep and more fun than i'd thought it would be.

I'm on the other end, i kind of wish i could leave a longer message, at least for repeat tags. my daughter and i help each other in the find mii games and it would be cool to leave her something extra

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