Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo challenge is a lot of fun. Did anyone play it yet?


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Feb 7, 2016
I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. My father passed away almost 2 day ago from cancer. This game and Hyrule Warriors Legends is helping me through this tough time. Here is a video I made about two hours after my dad passed. It's a small goodbye... Well till i see you next time

Take care

My dad died last year. He had everything wrong with him.

I use the game Golden Sun to get through tough times.
I'm so sorry for your loss. My grandfather died almost two years ago and I had a strained relationship with him, so I kind of blamed myself a lot for not being more comprehensive and give him more opportunities to be my grandad. Games helped me go through those times, at least to distract myself from my guilt, but in the end I know that I can't do nothing anymore.

I'm sure your father is proud of you and I hope that, despite the pain, what prevails are the good memories. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful than a stranger in the Internet.
Regarding the game, I haven't played it.

And @yeppeo Some of the best ideas ever came from people that others hardly knew.
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@Shane sorry man! My dad's problems started two months ago. It all happened so fast.

Golden Sun is a awesome game. I've gotten very far in the game but I haven't beaten it yet.
@yeppeo Thanks for your comment. Actually each and every comment is important so thank you. I was very lucky to be able to talk to my father before he passed. He made sure my Mom was safe and happy moving in with my sister than said he loved everyone than 5 minutes later passed on.

Thanks for your comment. It helped a lot :)
You're welcome, I'm glad it was at least peaceful.
And yes, you're right Shane. I made some amazing friends online that helped me through a lot of bad times, much more than irl friends.

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