Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


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Feb 8, 2013
So this game is coming out in March on the 19th. Are you interested in it? Do you even know what it is? :p For those who never heard of Monster Hunter before]click here[/url]. It's a very popular series in Japan but we do get certain versions localized, just not all. We are getting the 'ultimate' version of the 3rd game released in Japan on the PSP and PS3 (in HD of course :p so I'm really excited to get this game. It's also going to be available on Wii-U.
I never heard of this game before but it sounds a bit interesting, I have not really bought a 3ds game in a long time. What is it that makes this a good game? What are the pros/cons?
Well if you like games that play similar to Phantasy Star Online and Ragnarok Oddyseey you'll enjoy MH. You basically 'hunt' monsters and either capture or kill them, then you can skin them for parts, armor, and even things like meat. It's a lot of fun. I would recommend checking out Kinetic/DigitalPulseGTR's youtube channel. He lives in Japan (MH is big in japan) and does a lot of MH coverage.

Here's a vid]click here[/url].
I played the demo on the Wii and felt kind of bad killing the dinosaurs. :unsure:
Yeah. I really cannot wait for this game. :D gives me a reason to dig out my 3DS. Also gotta pick up a circlepad PRO though....
I'm getting a 3DS sometime in the next month and am looking through a bunch of games to buy. I've heard some good things about Monster Hunter, and I was wondering about your thoughts on it. Most of the games I've played on handheld so far are Kirby, Pokemon, Monster Rancher, and Rune Factory. I thought I'd get into Monster Hunter since of the game's premise being similar to Pokemon and Monster Rancher (correct me if I'm wrong).

So, is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate worth getting, and are there other games similar to it that I should be made aware of?

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