Monster Hunter Generations and Ace Attorney release dates


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Apr 25, 2016

Release date is July 15th. Also there will be a New 3DS with MH designs, though buying Nintendo hardware right now is probably not a good idea with the NX coming out next year.

Will be getting a demo, but don't know when.

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice to release in September. No further specifics given.

These are two of my favorite franchises, so it's great to finally get more release details, and also helps fill out the 3DS' year.

I'm happy.
Yeah, it's nice to see the 3DS make up for the lack of new WiiU games. I'm a bit ashamed to admit I've never played a single Monster Hunter game (except for MH4's demo), but I could get started with this one. Would you expect this to be a good game to get into the series?
As for Ace Attorney, I've always loved it, plus it's nice to get so many characters back. I'm going to enjoy it for sure.
Yeah, the 3DS is totally picking up the Wii U's slack. Is the wii u getting any big games aside from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE this year?

Regarding MH, based on everything I've read, it is one of the easier entries in the series. Also, with the addition of some new mechanics the player has more options for how to approach the games enemies. Assuming the beginning tutorial stuff is anywhere near half as good as 4U's was, this is easily the best one to start with.

I believe I've written a good explanation of the series:
Hope that helps.
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