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Sep 27, 2014
Wii U
Nintendo need some of the same game that makes other system fun to play. I think if Nintendo put out up to date games, like the latest madden, nba 2k's and call of duty games and others games they will do well with sells.
its hard to complain about the lineup ,for me, at this point but i am quite upset that i can't get the WWE games on the wii u. '13 for the wii all but sucked. And no, Im not buying another console for 1 game
I think that Nintendo should definitely get some more games.I know they're trying to filter out "un-kidfriendly" games, but they could at least add a few more decent games that aren't bright colorful kids games.I have nothing against bright colorful games, and I by no means want everything to be dark, but I'd like a few more serious games.
The Wii U does need more games. If you look at each Nintendo system you can see a very disturbing pattern as far as North America releases .
NES=roughly 759
SNES=roughly 725
N64= roughly 50 or more
GameCube=roughly 120, give or take a few
Wii= roughly 200 or 250, give or take a few
Not exact numbers but you can see how the total number of games starts off high, drops slightly with the SNES, then does a huge nose dive with the N64, picks back up a little with the GameCube and Wii, then we come to the Wii u, around 116 games, both current and soon to be released, over half of those not being what anyone would consider a popular title. For some crazy reason it seems that the more advanced Nintendo gets with their technology, the fewer games we see for it.

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