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What Wii U games would YOU like to be ported over to the Nintendo Switch

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Dec 9, 2016
Seeing as how Successful the Ports for Mario Kart 8, Pokken Tournament, and Lego City Undercover were; It's likely some of the MORE Successful Wii U titles will be Ported over to the Switch as well

Such as:

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch[It could add include ALL DLC characters(Hopefully THIS Time with their OWN unique Dialogue in Palutena's Guidance, along with ANY Non-DLC Switch Newcomers), and Include Newcomers like Linkle, Shovel Knight, Decidueye, Isaac from Golden Sun(Why ELSE was he removed f if he WAS gonna be like little mac and stop being an Assist trophy and become a Playable Character), Ice Climbers, & Wolf O'Donnell
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze(It has THESE things going for it; It was VERY Successful, It DIDN'T really use the Gamepad's Touch Screen, and They COULD make it better, like how they handled DKCR3D and added new stuff) although To be Honest, I'd Rather see a Brand New Donkey Kong Country Game exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.
Hyrule Warriors Deluxe(Because Who WOULDN'T Want to experience the Game with ALL the DLC Included, as well as the Story Mode from the 3ds Version in HD), Although TBH, A Sequel where the World of BOTW is Also brought into this mess is much likelier, Especially Because It'd be AWESOME to See Mipha's Reactions to Ruto, and Vice Versa, Or See How Revali reacts to seeing Medli, a Rito who LOOKED LIKE A HUMANOID WITH WEAKS AND A BEAK-LIKE NOSE, And How Medli, seeing a Rito who actually Completely Resembles an Anthropomorphic Avian, With Beaks, Feathers, and All;
ok, i voted Hyrule Warriors because it's awesome, but i have to say something. Especially as a Zelda fan, i really feel like I've been playing the same games for around 10 years. It's my own fault, i buy them over and over. But how could i possibly pass up Wind Waker HD, or Twilight Princess HD, or Majora's Mask 3d? Now BOTW came outta nowhere and is the greatest game I'VE ever played. Best game ever? Idk. So i know for a fact now, Nintendo can churn em out fresh and beautiful. The only reason i want a Switch at this point is Odyssey. Cant wait. I am thrilled to see us going back into Metroid territory.

This is an excellent post, and trust me: I share your passion for Nintendo.

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