Most cash you've dropped on something game related?


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Feb 18, 2013
Sometimes things get kind of expensive when dealing with the particulars of gaming. Systems, games, add-ons (controllers, memory cards, chargers, etc.), and whatever else. I think I spent the most on the two... three systems I purchased at one time ( 320 + 280 + 99+ 56tax) ) so 754. Totally mostly worth it - one of those systems turned out to be a doorstop, but otherwise I've more than gotten my money's worth. What about ya'll?
I think the most I've ever dished out on game related items at one time was around $500. Xbox 360 with a game or
two an extra controller. I try to spread things out and not spend all of my monies in one place.
I try to spread it all out, but darn if sometimes I can't resist enjoying the benefits of a windfall (or eight). That said more often then not I pick up my games second handed (and cheap) or I look up Greatest Hits or whatever...