Most Favorite Pokemon Game?


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Pokemon Gold and Sliver is my favorite game because it,s very user friendly
Pokemon Gold and Silver
Nestled between the series' humble beginnings and a feeling of deja vu that set in for many of its sequels, Pokemon Gold and Silver were the sophomore effort that hit the sweet spot for many fans. Released on the Game Boy Color, these sequels brought back all of the original Pokemon from Red and Blue with new enhanced looks, while adding another 100 new pocket monsters to collect. Like Red and Blue, it was heavily reliant on a trading mechanic, with Gold and Silver offering slightly different collections to encourage eager trainers to engage with their community and friends.
But far from a simple retread, Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced almost as many new mechanics and features to the series as the original. Those included a day-night cycle and weekly calendar, so certain Pokemon would only appear at certain times of day or on specific days of the week. Pokemon gained the ability to hold items that would restore health or improve passive stats. Gold and Silver introduced new "Shiny" Pokemon, extremely rare variants with special coloring and enhanced stats. They also added not one but two new pokemon types: Steel and Dark, to counter Poison and Psychic Pokemon, respectively. And they introduced Pokemon breeding, which let players pair their favorite monsters to produce a new egg that would hatch into a Pokemon that inherited stat bonuses from its parents.
Pokemon Gold and Silver remains one of the most content rich iterations in the franchise. In addition to the eight gyms in the Johto region, Gold and Silver took players back to the original Kanto setting for a second set of badges, effectively making the experience feel like two games in one.
Pokemon Gold and Silver are still considered by many fans to be a high-water mark for the series. Like Red and Blue, Gold and Silver received an enhanced version called Pokemon Crystal. This was mostly similar to Gold and Silver, though it had a few notable additions. It let players pick their character's gender for the first time, it added new start-of-battle animations, and it introduced the Battle Tower for a gauntlet of Pokemon bouts. Gold and Silver also received critically acclaimed remakes, Heartgold and Soulsilver, on the Nintendo DS in 2009.


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Pokemon Sun is my favorite pokemon game, as it is my first one. For some reason playing it makes me feel good probably because the graphics have that pixel-y kinda texture which makes me feel like nostalgic ig.

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