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Jan 8, 2015
Super NES
Hi everyone. I wondered if any of you had something that you believed to be true for a game and later you noticed how terribly wrong you were.^^ For example, when I was young and I played Ocarina of Time, I heard about a rumor that allows you to win the race for Epona on the other horse after boosting it's speed with a magical potion that you could find in the Kokiri Wilds. If you succeed, you'll get a horse that you can name yourself and Ganon will get Epona instead. Later I found out that it was all BS, but I spend hours and hours looking to get that potion to win the race on the other horse. Anyone else ever wasted time on something that later on made them feel like the biggest noob ever ? ;)
yep, for Christmas when i got a bunch of amibos and SSBwiiU thinking that i could actually BE my little Kirby and Pikachu friends in battle (like Infinity.) I still love the setup, but i did struggle a few hours trying to figure it out. Good times man
The longest time in Ocarina of Time myself, people told me all about those "Magic Beans" you had to plant. I didn't know how or where to get them to spawn (being a kid) so I mainly just got scooped up bugs instead. Until I realized you had to plant them and them go into the future for them to be sprouted. To this day the usage of warping back and forth through time to solve puzzles is not only classic, it's something I prefer.
I have five noobish beliefs for the very same game, Final Fantasy VII:

(1) That it's somehow possible to resurrect Aeris and play as her later into the game.

(2)-&-(3) That it's somehow possible to play as Sephiroth and/or Zack Fair.

(4) That the Shinra Soldier dolls serve some purpose once you manage to collect them all.

(5) That there's also an ATM card for unlimited gil in the North American version as well, which is kind of useless given that there isn't even an ATM in the North American version!
Ahh yes, Aeris. My friend trolled me, it wasn't a belief. He said she's the best character in the game, to get her maxed out.

Ran with her the entire time. I loved White Wind. Holy. All of that.

Then all my hard work went down the gutter and this was my expression:


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