Most underrated GBA game?


Nov 14, 2014
Nintendo 2DS
I still have a GBA but don't have very many games anymore, have a few Yu-Gi-Oh! games but they don't really interest me, I would like to see if any of the more hidden or underrated games that are good which I haven't heard of, so what do you think is the most underrated GBA game?
The fairly odd parents game boy games. I know it may seem like a weird answer, but those games were awesome. I believe the game was called Fairly Odd Parents: The Cleft. It was always one of my favourites and I have never heard it mentioned any where else.
I remember playing a Power Puff Girls game that was incredibly difficult, but fun. It was all about Buttercup and her adventures to eliminate the Gang Green Gang. I was young then, but I could never pass the first level and I would always play it to ensure that I do. But it was definitely considered one of the most Underrated Games for GBA -- at least for me and my brother.
A game that was released late in the GBA's life is Gunstar Super Heroes, unfortunately not many gamers talk about it. I think this is a crying shame as this game is a technical masterpiece, truly pushes the little GBA to it's limits. Developed by Treasure, true 2D action and shooting game maestros who also developed the amazing Gunstar Heroes on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. While Gunstar Super Heroes wasn't quite the sequel we wanted, it still remains an amazingly good game that I play to this very day.

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