Mother 3 localization?


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Feb 19, 2016
Nintendo DS
(Sorry if this was posted already, but I didn't see a thread about it.)

Earlier this month there were some heavy rumours that Mother 3 (sequel to Earthbound, if you don't know the Japanese side of the franchise) will finally be getting a proper international release. Haven't heard anything else about it since the first flurry of articles on the subject, though, including which platform it would appear on. I'm guessing the Wii U, since Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings appeared there, but there's no saying just yet.

Regardless, anybody else hyped for Mother 3? I know I am. I love that series to death.
Wow! Mother 3 is one of the games that I haven't gotten around to playing, even though I really love the other two games int he series. Just not savvy with how to work the rom translation. The Wii U would be a great platform to release it on, I'm sure it would see great sales. It's the kind of game that all of the Nintendo fans would love to sink hours into and there is always the ability to add some new features with a Wii U port.
I have played it. By means of... methods. Yes. Anyway, it's a great game. More than lives up to the standards of Earthbound, and blows Earthbound Beginnings out of the water. The story is really dark, and the character development for your team is substantially better than it was in Earthbound. Can't wait for it to come over.

... and it danged well better.
Totally, I agree. I've only seen and read things in depth about the game but as soon as it is localized, I'm all over that. Earthbound Beginings was nice... but definitely falls to the bottom of the list when I consider the three games that we have in this wonderful series.

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