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Dec 23, 2013
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we used to have a movie thread, maybe it's been a while but i'd like to bring it back. It's just to suggest/discuss movies in general...

I'll go first: Batman and Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Awesome movie! And to put the yahoo crap to bed early, Affleck did a great job. He was one of the best Bruce Wayne's ever and delivered on the tormented, past his prime Batman. I found the movie to be updated, as in getting into what's been going on in comics since the 90's instead of the 70's. I won't spoil it for anyone, but be prepared for some shocks and it helps to be astute in your DC knowledge. I had to even look a few things up, but thats ok because i really got tired of having my intelligence insulted by all the rebooted reboots we've been suffering through lately. (Spiderman-hello!) I was also very impressed with Wayne's suffering: the death of his parents is all over the movie which was sadly lacking in Nolan's trilogy.

With Superman, I found they did a great job bringing him into the now, as in the way the world is today, it's exactly how he would be treated if he really were here now. Tearing down heroes seems to be the "in" thing.

Wonder Woman: its a dang shame it took till 2016 to see her on the Big Screen, but hey here she is and was really cool. Bout Time!

In closing, id suggest it to any comic fan, it was very well balanced between all the characters, so its not just one sided.

Speaking of movies, I missed Star Wars Force Awakens in theatres. Going to see it for the first time when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

I will admit I was skeptical of Ben Affleck as Batman, but I haven't seen the movie yet either.
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oh man, that was a great movie too! I made it a point not to click on anything and was throughly surprised. There are a lot more questions than answers now though
I'm finally getting started on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and just saw the first Iron Man last week. It was alright.

I'm going to backtrack now and watch the 2003 Hulk before watching The Incredible Hulk.
I'm going to fully admit as a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge (cannot be overstated) Superman fan... I didn't think Batman v Superman was a good movie. I'm not saying it's awful, but I certainly lean it more towards the bad end of the spectrum... like a five out of ten.

Though, I definitely agree Ben Affleck was a fantastic Batman.
Sad thing is, the internet spoiled the movie for me.
its really hard not to click on stuff, most of the time you don't have to, its just there in your face. i hear ya
@GunGunW glad you're a fan. You gotta be a least a little excited they are finally getting into the Superman bad guys other than Luthor. Finally

ok so as a child of the 80's, Creed was a no-brainer for me. To watch this movie you really don't have to be a Rocky nerd, but it sure helps. It wasn't cheesy at all, in fact all loose ends from previous movies were pretty much addressed. Creed really updated the franchise and brought it into the now. It has a great start, backstory and the way he fights to the top makes great sense. Michael B. is a great actor and the movie told a great story. Hey, Yo! give it a try.

I'd give it a: Not as good as Rocky 2, but close enough!
Ghostbusters (2016):

As a child of the 80's, i was absolutely obligated to go see this. I ignored all the hate and bad raps yahoo was giving out and gave the ladies a chance. They did not disappoint. The movie is actually pretty dang funny. The Holtzman character (Kate McKinnon) really did steal the show. She was awesome as the Egon, but not dry. It was pretty much up to date, taking jabs at social media, news channels and such.

The only problems i had was it was pretty weak on story and it didn't have that creepy doomed feeling the original had. No scary scenes. I felt the buildup for the main villain was way too quick, light and felt rushed. Why did he did do this? Not really much investment in his motives like The Architect had.

I would suggest it to anyone looking for a few laughs, just don't compare it to the original. It really reminded me more of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. See:Holtzman's hair and glasses. 7/10

Speaking of the awesome 80"s...
Stranger Things (Netflix Original)

Well well, this was suggested to me in an email and i gave it a shot after seeing it was a throwback to 80's horror. Long story short, this turned out to be the show of choice for me, the wife and child all weekend long. We nearly ran through all 8 episodes back to back.

Basically its around 4 friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. After the game they leave on bikes and one does not make it home. Something from the woods captures him. It goes on from there. The friends search for him, and come across a little girl who happens to be telekinetic.

It's got all the great 80's cliches: Secret government base nearby in the haunted woods. Psychic child. Star Wars references. Poltergeist "other side" stuff. "The Man" controlling everything. Drunk chief of police with sad backstory, etc.

What really knocked this show outta the park was the cast. It was superb. The four/five friends seemed like they really were best friends. Wynona Rider plays the missing child's mom, and plays the falling apart quite well.

Awesome soundtrack, good story. We all loved it and the family was sad to see it end.

The new Star Wars is on Netflix Canada right now.
@grahamf really? Lucky! The only Star Wars I ever saw on Netflix was that Clone Wars movie cartoon. I wish
Well you should be able to use Hola or whatever the current VPN app is to watch Canadian Netflix. I don't have a subscription anymore as I've just been watching anime on a free site.
alright, where's my horror friends? Last night we checked out the Phantasm Remaster. For me, there is nothing like 70's/80's horror. It's a great movie and with the remaster, the sound was fantastic. I may eventually get it on bluray. What other classics will y'all watch in celebration of October and Halloween? I let my daughter watch her first horror, and it was the original Blair Witch Project. She loved it! So here we go...

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