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Nov 23, 2019
I need some help please.

Basically right I set my nintendo account with my real age and then made a parent account for it myself, however I recently bought overwatch for my switch and realised I couldn’t log in to my parental account as it took me to a different account registered with the same email that I don’t remember creating but I’m pretty sure I did (which has no control over the supervised account but is part of the family).

aNywaYs now I can’t play overwatch and I don’t know what to do. I managed to play it by signing into the account which has the same email as my parental account but that means I’d have to pay for 2 nintendo online accounts and that would make it very expensive. Does anyone know what I could do? Or if I could transfer the save data from my original account to the one I can play overwatch with? any help would be really appreciated cheers :)
@bige wow. Ok, before i take a crack at this, when you say Nintendo Account, you mean Nintendo Switch Online account, right? And you have 3 emails associated with this one account?

Welcome btw.
aha thank you :) ik it’s quite a biggie erm no basically I have 2 accounts associated with 1 email, um but the one I need doesn’t show up when I enter that email (if that makes sense)
@bige ok well good news/bad news: the good is you don't seem to be the only one. The bad is I'm not seeing a fix from Nintendo. What i did was go on, click on support and checked out the forums. A few mods suggested to call in and talk to someone. Sorry i couldn't help but that may be the way to go.

Almost reminds me of apple and iTunes when i had problems with multiple phones.
It would be awesome, if Nintendo could make some built-in software features in controllers, with ability for users to change accounts with few simple steps. Once I thought why not try these out and I've visited one website where I could order a controller with some software additional options. You even can design your personal custom controller there for the lowest price and high-quality of goods their' gonna use in production.
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