My Brother and I Are Back to Doom!

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
Quite a while ago, I purchased the Doom 3 BFG edition on the PS3. The game contains the original Doom; Doom 2, and the popular expansions. I had forgotten how fun this game could be. With the split screen mode in place, it still provides hours of fun. How many other people have been enjoying the classic games on the PS network lately?
Not lately and not on PS. Have not played Doom since the original on the PC. I have it sitting here on SNES cartridge, but have not had time to fire it up. Looking forward to it. Have fun.
Yeah; Doom 2 probably has the most memories attached to any game, for me that is. I still remember firing it up on Christmas.....many years ago.
Those cheats! I remember them now : ) My brother and I just cleared Doom 2 in about 5 hours. We finished off the final boss in 5 minutes. The game was harder than I remember though.
I still remember it to be awfully difficult.
I was young when I played it, but I still remember that there were many parts of the game where I got stuck for a while...

I'm really happy for you and your brother, I'm sure you enjoy it a lot!
I loved Doom back in the day lol. Also, the BFG is awesome!
I remember Blood! I think I actually played Blood 2. I seem to remember there were enemies that took dozens of shots with the most powerful weapon; overkill on the difficulty.

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