My dealings with The God of Gaming on eBay; like a trip through Hell


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May 21, 2018
Game Boy Advance SP
Hello all. Just thought I would warn you about possible future problems, purchasing from The God of Gaming on eBay, Bonanza, possibly more. I purchased 5 CR1616 Pokemon batteries from this dealer. Arrived 3 days late, but that didn't bother me. However, when I opened the package, I saw the batteries were just thrown into the envelope. There was no packaging, paper, plastic, nothing to protect the batteries from shorting out, or even the slightest amount of damage. I then noticed there were only 4 batteries, instead of 5 I purchased and paid for. I tested the 4 batteries, and found 2 to be OK, but 2 batteries measured unusually low. Probably damaged from shorting each other out, due to the careless packaging. I contacted the seller for some kind of resolution, but they would only replace the missing and damaged batteries, if I placed another order. Or, my other option was to return the batteries, but I would have to pay the shipping. I contacted the seller again, but in so many words, he said that was my problem, and there was nothing else he was willing to do. I then had to contact eBay, for help in the matter. So unless you’re a masochist, or otherwise have a lot of time and patience, do yourself a favor, and avoid this unprofessional, careless, apathetic dealer.
Hmm... thanks for the warning!
@radiorob thank you thank thank you! Im all about helping each other out. We all work hard for our money and deserve better than that.

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